Funny pictures – Why I was late for work



The car would not start

Why I was late for work - snake in the engine

2) How to get a day off work:

Tommy and Raquel were chatting together during their lunch break at work.

Tommy muttered quietly. 'I think I'll take some time off work.'

'How will you manage that?'
asked Raquel wide- eyed.
How to get a day off work:

'I'll show you', continued Tommy. He then proceeded to climb up the factory wall and on reaching the rafters at the top he hung himself upside down from the roof by his legs.

'Good grief!'
boss when he walked in', What on earth do you think you're doing?'

'I'm a light bulb', responded Tommy.

'You must be crazy. You better have some time off work', said his boss.

climbed down and went home.

Raquel, mouth still open in astonishment walked after him.

'Where do you think you're going?'
barked the boss.

'I'm going home too', replied Raquel', I can't

possibly work in the dark.'

3) When They Got To Work...

Always Open - Closed

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