Funny Pictures St Patrick’s Day Dogs

The Irish are famed for their love of animals in general and dogs in
particular.  Here are funny pictures of dogs taken on St Patrick's day.



Classic St Patrick's Day Dog

St Patrick's day dog - green rinse

The green rinse is all the rage for dogs on St Patrick's day.  By the way, did you spot the leprechaun with his St Patrick's day hat?

Green PoodleIrish Green

Green Poodle

When March the 17th is over, it's back to normal.
Let's wash off that green rinse.

St Patrick's Day Quotes

Faithful St Patrick's Day
Dog with Shamrock

Funniest Irish Jokes

O'Connor and the Fierce Dog

O'Connor was sitting in Ward's Irish bar, Piccadilly, London with a large
Rottweiler at his feet.

'Does your dog bite?' asks Murphy.
'No,' replies O'Connor.

Murphy pats the dog who almost rips his arm off completely.
screams Murphy, 'you said your dog didn't bite, O'Connor.'

'That's not
my dog Murphy,' concludes O'Connor.

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Tricolour balloons released on St Patrick's Day

Tricolour balloons released for St Patrick's day in Trafalgar sq, London.
Tricolour balloons released on St Patrick's Day

We believe that the tricolour balloons were released in Trafalgar sq, London.

St Patrick 'Greening' CelebrationsWill and Guy's St Patrick's Day Jokes

One of Italy's iconic sites will be turned a shade of green on Saturday
to mark St Patrick's Day.

Greening famous attractions is part of a promotional campaign that
Tourism Ireland has been involved in over the past three years; the leaning
tower of Pisa and Niagara Falls are new additions to this year's campaign.

Engineers on Site

Dermot and Patrick are standing at the base of a flagpole looking up. Rita walks by and asks them what they are doing.

Patrick answers, 'We're supposed to be finding the height of this flagpole, but we
don't have a ladder.'

Rita takes out an adjustable spanner from her handbag, loosens a few bolts and lays the flagpole down. She finds a tape measure in her pocket, takes a few measurements, and announces
that its length is 18 feet 6 inches.

Then, Rita walks off.

Dermot says to Patrick, 'Isn't that just typical.  We ask for the height and she gives us the length.'

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