Funny pictures of amusing events, Guy and Will’s funny pictures for February

Funny Pictures to Cheer You Up in February

Funny Pictures that Amuse Will and Guy

There are two kinds of light: the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures.  James Thurber

Funny Pictures for February

  • Airplanes and Pilots
  • Am I Close Enough?
  • Animal Odyssey
  • Car Accidents Video
  • Cats Having Fun
  • Cats and Dogs at Play (PPT)
  • Chinese Mountain Trail
  • Chinese New Year 2008
  • Flying / Springboard Video
  • Friends Come In All Sizes
  • Funny Accidents Video
  • Roads in Russia
  • Shiverrrrrrrr in Real Snow and Ice
  • Speed Limits
  • Suisse Army Pen Knife - Makeup Special
  • Valentine's Day Jokes and Funny Pictures
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Examples of Our February Pictures

Our aim is to encapsulate the spirit of each month with our pictures; in a word, February means 'Rain'.

Shiver in the freezing rain

Frozen sea - Freezine Spray

Muddy Russian Roads

Russian Roads

A climb into the clouds

How far would you go for a cup of tea?

This is Where Pilots Learn to Fly

Learn to fly here!

Funny Cat Video Clip

Funny Cat Video Clip

Chinese New Year - Sweet and Sour Stamps

Stamps celebrate the Year of the Pig taste of sweet and sour pork.

If I gave you 100 guesses you still could not tell me what happened next.  You just must must watch the video

Incredible dive - never guess

February's Distinctive Events

  •  1st Imbolc Eve  Pagan Festival
  •  1st Super Bowl Jokes XLIX NFL
  •  2nd Groundhog Day
  •  2nd St. Brigid's Day
  •  2nd Candlemas  40 Days since Jesus' nativity
  •  4th World Cancer Day
  •  7th Charles Dickens Born (1812)
  •  6th Monopoly Goes on Sale (1935)
  •  8th Parinirvana (Nirvana Day) - Buddhist Festival
  •  9th Toothache Day - Ouch!
  • 10th St. Scholastica (Patron Saint of Nuns)
  • 11th Thomas Edison's Birthday (Inventor)
  • 12th Barbie Doll Goes on Sale (1959)
  • 14th Valentine's Day
  • 15th Nirvana Day - Buddhist Festival
  • Presidents Day (Third Monday)
  • 25th Mohammad Ali (Cassius Clay) KO's Sonny Liston 1964
  • 27th Polar Bear Day
  • Shrove Tuesday
  • February Mardis Gras
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