Funny Pictures of Cats Playing with Brushes

Cat Playing with Shaving Brush

picture of cat playing with brushes

Cat Playing with Toothbrush

Picture Cat and Toothbrush

Curious Cat - Just Playing

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Funny Cats Playing:Cats - Gotcha Picture

  1. Anything on the ground is a cat toy.  Anything not there yet, will be.
  2. There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast.
  3. Cat's motto, "No matter what you've done wrong, always try to make it look as if the dog did it."
  4. Never feed your cat anything that doesn't match the carpet.
  5. Cats are like potato chips.  You can never have just one.
  6. Some people who have cats go on to lead normal lives.
  7. "Humans: No fur, no paws, no tail. They run away from mice. They never get enough sleep. How can you help but love such an absurd animal?"  Anonymous cat about humansSee more funny cat sayings.

Paw Cat!

Paw Cat

Cat Playing at Being a Dog?

Cat playing being a dog

Cats Playing Chess

Cats Playing Chess Here are two cats sparring across the chess board.  Incidentally, Cat Chess' is a game played in southern England.  In this outdoor game dozens of cats watch each other.  The idea is that each cat has to keep at least two other cats under observations. In Lewis' Carroll's book, Alice Through The Looking Glass, Alice meets the enigmatic Cheshire cat while fleeing from the white Queen.

Into the Woods By Charlene WexlerCats Story

The bushy-tailed red fox with her ears twitching starred at me through glowing brown eyes. I waited--still as could be except for the beating of my heart--until as suddenly as she appeared, she was gone, back into the thick, dark, shadowy woods. Was she looking for prey? Had she been the one who had killed the poor soft cuddly baby rabbits? Did she have a nest nearby with babies who needed food too? Had I chewed out my cat for something he hadn't done? Life in my woods was chaotic for the creatures living here, from the insects swirling around in the night sky to the white opossum blindly searching for food, to me, the human frantically searching for my 16-year-old tabby cat. Walking around in the woods at night was not one of my favorite things to do, but my beloved pet had run away and I would do most anything to find him. I had no idea how long I had trudged through the woods adjacent to my property, calling his name. Only thinking of finding my cat, I had left the sweater--the one that could be warming my rapidly chilling bones--on the chair in my kitchen. Instead, I had grabbed a can of tuna, hoping to lure my cat with the fishy odor and succulent taste he loves so much. Taking my cell phone and a flashlight would have been smart, too, but hindsight is 20/20. I hadn't realized how soon that beautiful orange glow of the sun could disappear and deep dark night would take over, especially on an evening when the moon was throwing off just a mere a sliver of light. The terrifying howl of coyotes sent chills down my spine. Hopefully, it was the cool clear night that made the barks and howls echo from a more distant place than the woods in which I was walking. The shriek that came from my trembling lips was meant to scare off a possible attacking coyote, not for the tall, erect, glowing-eyed doe who whisked by me. I had had enough. My beloved woods at night took on a different feel. I would have to continue my search tomorrow, I thought, as I bee-lined as fast as I could back to my home. Panting for my breath, I slowed my run down to nearly a crawl as I approached my front porch. To my surprise, a tabby cat stood up from his prone position on the concrete stoop and proceeded to give me an indignant meow. I think he said, "Where were you?" Cats know the value of staying close to home, even if we humans forget it sometimes. Read more of Charlene Wexler's stories.

Cat Reading

Cat Nap!funny cat picture

Cat reads the final volume of the trilogy before bed Cat reads the final volume of the trilogy before bed.

 Cat Not Playing!

Cat not playing Will thinks this cat is yawning, while Guy thinks it's angry is about to attack the porcelain figurine.

Cats Playful Again - 'Do you want to know a secret?'

Cat not playing

Cat Attack!

Cat attack Footnote: Please send us your funny pictures of cats playing.

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