Funny Cats Pictures

1) Cat Get Cream

funy picture - cat gets the cream A rare example of a picture that is better in black and white than colour.  My guess is that the photo is American; nevertheless, it takes me back to hand milking in England in the 1950s.

2) Funny Cat - Just Playing

Funy Cat Picture

3) Funy Cat Fish?

Cat Fish Tank

4) Cat and MouseCat loves to party

Cat and Mouse funny picture

5) Fat CatFat Cats

Italian cat grows to be enormous; it just is not funy say Will and Guy. Living in Eupilio, Italy might not be good for your cat's health if you allow it to eat as it pleases. We have tracked down this 2 and a half stone feline named Orazio, who apparently has an enormous appetite He is pictured here with his owner M/s Laura Santarelli who is barely able to pick him up. British and American fat cats are on the increase: we have learned and this has led to an increase in obesity in the feline population. If your cat is the correct weight then you should be able to feel his/her ribs easily, with a slight fat covering. When looking from above you should be able to see a waist. Overweight cats are more likely to suffer from: arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, pancreatitis and many more diseases. On average an overweight cat will probably have a shorter lifespan.