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Here are our free, funny bike pictures.  Will and Guy enjoy variety, hence we have a diverse selection of funny bike pictures and amusing stories.  By the way, do you call them bikes, cycles or even the original word bicycles?

Funny Bike Pictures


Recycle A Bicycle!

Recycle a Bike Viscous Cycle

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Have All Boys Done This?

Cycle Tag

Joke Cycle?Square Wheels on Cycle

Bike Security!

Bike security - Locked or not Here is a picture of a bike taken one afternoon. When I returned half an hour later the bike was gone.  I will always wonder if the bike was stolen by lifting the yellow wire over the pole, or reclaimed by its rightful owner.

Improved Bike Security - Once Bitten Twice Shy

Bike high security

Portsmouth Man Steals Back His Own Bike

A Portsmouth man took the law into his own hands after his Specialize bicycle was stolen. Craig Gifford said his was stolen last week after loaning it to a friend. Gifford told us that he spotted the stolen bike, which sported a distinctive sticker, advertised for sale shortly afterward the News. Gifford said he called police, but he said they were unable to respond right away. The bike, which had been originally purchased for £950 in 2010, was offered for sale at £150, and Gifford said he didn't want someone else to buy it. He arranged to buy the bicycle and met the seller in North End for a test ride, and Gifford said he simply rode off without paying. Apparently the seller called him several times and left messages threatening to call police but Craig Gifford said he posted his own advert in The News warning others about the thief, and cautioned that high-end bicycles offered for low prices could be stolen.

Funny Bike Pictures

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Icicle Cycle

Funny Penny Farthing Dutch art student and former mechanical engineer Wouter van den Bosch, 29, from Arnhem, made this monster penny farthing from steel tubes, bicycle parts and a tractor tyre.

Cycle Unfriendly PathsBollard brings tears to cyclist's eyes

Cyclists dismount and use footpath - FOOTPATH CLOSED

Funny Bicycles on WaterBike for water

Wave Runner Bike

So You Think You've Had A Bad Day Cycling?

Robert Evans, 46, had a really bad day recently, Will and Guy have learned. Read this short and hilarious [but not for him] account of his day. Firstly, Mr Evans, from Boulder, Colorado, USA, was knocked down by a car in a hit-and-run incident and was taken to hospital for his injuries, but was released later that night only slightly hurt.  Then, as he was making his way back into town with his bicycle he was hit by a railway train while crossing a bridge. Luckily he was found alive, in a creek, and taken to hospital for a second time; once more his injuries were found not to be life-threatening.Bike Water This tale of woe does not end there, Will and Guy have established; because the 50ft long bridge on which Mr Evans was run over by the train is only wide enough for the train, and is not for use by pedestrians. Robert Evans, now, to add to all his problems, faces prosecution for trespassing. You couldn't make it up!

On Your Bike!

Turbo BikeCockatoo on a bike

Wheels of Life - Where Are You?Wheels of Life - funny picture

Wheels of Life - funny picture
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