Funny Pictures Puzzles Ultimate Wooden Puzzle

The Ultimate Wooden Puzzle

Harder than the Rubik cube.  More convoluted than the Gordian Knot, we introduce Will and Guy's Ultimate Wooden Puzzle. Ultimate wooden puzzle

2) Telegraph Pole Puzzle

Pole in driveway How do I get into my driveway? Who put that pole there?  Why?

3) Real or Fake - Australia Puddle Puzzle

Australia - real or fake puzzle Was this picture of the Australia an 'act of God' or is it an artificial creation?  We think that the bend in the road on the right of the picture is a clue that it's a genuine opportunist picture of a puddle that looks like Australia.

4) Genuine Fake Funny Puddle Picture

Genuine Fake Funny Picture Footnote: Please send us your funny picture puzzle.

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