Funny Picture Car Crash

It takes hundreds of nuts to hold a car together, but it takes only one of them to scatter it all over the highway.  Evan Esar

Black Humour - Funny Accident Picture of Car Crash

Perhaps the car should have been a black model.  I guess this was literally an accident waiting to happen.  A car just had to crash into one of those 'Thank you for driving carefully' signs. Funny Picture Car Crash. Black humour James McGregor writes in saying the car is a BMW 325i Coupe (otherwise known as the 'Individual'), manufactured between 1992 and 1993. The eagle eyed amongst you may also spot CinQue Ports on the signpost.  The original CinQuePorts were, Sandwich, Dover, Hythe, Romney and Hastings.  Two more towns, Rye and Winchelsea were later added. Naturally, the country is England.

What To Do About Cars Speeding In Your Village?

The local council could not afford a speed camera, so they put up a sign saying: Slow down Old People's Home.  - It had no effect. At the next meeting the decided to play on the paternal instincts and put up a sign: Danger - Children at Play.  - No discernable reduction in traffic speed. Then the chairman had a brain-wave and suggested they try a sign with: Nudist Colony.  - As a result of the Nudist Colony notice, white vans and lorries crawl thought the village.

Signs Like This Cause Accidents Like the Above

Ambiguous signs may be more common than you think - keep your eyes open for confusing signs on your driving routes. Funny Road Sign

Confusion In Any Language

Right - left bend road signLeft Right Sign Uk See more funny road signs

 Accident - Twinned With Calamity?

Car Accident - Road Sign Welcome to Accident!

Chancers - Drivers Who Go for the Impossible Gap

There always those motorists who take a chance, go for a gap.  Sometimes the gap disappears with disastrous consequences.  I do believe that this photograph is taken in Manchester.  Moreover, the car is caught between two trams, hence neither tram driver could swerve to avoid the collision. Car squashed between two trams Pauline and Guy have recently returned from a holiday in Prague and therefore we can identify this picture as being from near the centre of this most interesting city.  Once again, there is an indication that it's a woman driver.  Incidentally, Prague is the only place where we have been on holiday where Pauline said, 'Guy please don't hire a car'. Footnote: Please send us your funny car crash picture.

Hilarious Tale of a Woman Driver: With a Happy EndingFunny Car Picture

A woman driver ended up parking her car in the roof of this Italian house after she forgot to put on the handbrake.  Maria Rizzo, 34, stopped to admire the spectacular view from the street above the house in Alassio, on the Gulf of Genoa in northern Italy. Will and Guy heard that she was so intent on taking a photograph that she forgot to put on the handbrake, and her car rolled away, smashing through a barrier and plunging down the hill onto the house below. The Fiat Panda broke through the roof and landed in the bathroom, with the front end wedged in an iron bath which broke the fall and stopped the red car plunging further into the house. A police spokesman remarked to us, 'Luckily no one was home at the time, so nobody was hurt, but the owner of the property did have a surprise when they arrived home.' No doubt we say.    Picture: CEN

Not Speeding Fast Enough?

Road Kill - Not Speeding fast enough

Don't Swear at Other Drivers

Eddie was driving down the road and a met a car coming the other way. Although there was room to pass easily, Eddie forced the oncoming car to slow down and wound down his window and shouted ' Pig'.  The other driver looked in his rear view mirror and swore at Eddie. Then his car hit the pig.

Strange But True Tale About a Truck DriverChinese truck driver

A Chinese lorry driver, whose vehicle was wrecked in an accident, bought a crash helmet and attempted to carry on his journey. A police patrol stopped the badly damaged, speeding, truck as it weaved from side-to-side on a motorway outside Wuhan city. Officers were flabbergasted when they saw the driver wearing his crash helmet in the crushed shell of his cab. A police spokesman commented, 'We signalled the driver to stop immediately, and he told us he had to continue, since he was under contract and had a very tight schedule.' The driver, Mr Zhao, of Wuhan city, told them he had an accident not long after setting off to deliver vegetables to Hunan province, 'I found the truck was still functional, so I bought myself a helmet and continued,' he told the Changjiang Business Daily. Footnote: Please send us your funny picture of a car crash

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