Red Ferrari Car. Funny pictures about a horse in a Ferrari?


1) Ferrari Overtakes

Son to his Father:
- '
Dad, a Ferrari, is that a red car with a horse ?'

- 'Yes my Son, why ?'

'I think a Ferrari is just about to overtake us on our right side' .....

Funny Picture Ferrari

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2) An unnamed Formula 1 Team

The unnamed Formula 1 Team sacked its entire pit crew yesterday. The announcement followed their decision to take advantage of the UK Government's
Youth Opportunity Scheme and employ people from Liverpool.

The decision to hire the teenagers was brought on by a recent documentary on how unemployed youths from Liverpool area were able to remove a set of wheels in less than six seconds without proper equipment, whereas
the formula 1's
existing crew can only do it in eight seconds with millions of Euros worth of high tech equipment.

Prime Minister Tony Blair went on record as saying this was a bold move by the the
Formula 1 management,
which demonstrated the international recognition of the UK under New Labour. As most races are won and lost in the pits, the unnamed team now have the advantage over every team.

However, Formula 1 may have got more
than they bargained for. At the crew's
first practice session the Liverpool pit crew successfully changed the tyres in under six seconds, but within 12 seconds they had re-sprayed, re-badged, and sold the
vehicle to the ***** Team for eight bottles of Stella, a kilo of speed and some photos of M******'s
bird in the shower.

3) Skeleton Car

Skeleton Car

Note the double-wishbone suspension, and bone-shaker seats.  Will
and Guy also think that it may be parked on the hard-shoulder.

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you laugh.

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