Funny Parking Yellow Lines

Double yellow parking lines
were first introduced to the curb-sides of the UK in 1958.  Will and
Guy understand that in other countries a double yellow line is used in the
centre (center!) of the road to demarcate the carriageways.



Workmen Paint Yellow Line
Over HedgehogYellow Line over Hedgehog

In Hartlepool, Cleveland, England road workers painted double yellow lines
over a hedgehog because these idle toads could not be bothered to move the
corpse before applying the yellow liner to this road's curb side.

Florist Allison Hart said she was shocked to see the dead animal with
lines on its back and sent a photograph of it to media outlets.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw the hedgehog - it's disgraceful," said
Ms Hart, who has been showing the photograph to customers in her store.
"All they had to do is kick it to one side. It's shocking really," Ms Hart

As usual, a council jobsworth dug themselves in deeper by, saying the
incident was "the only one reported during the massive project".
Wouldn't it have been better to say, 'fair enough' we made a mistake.

Another Animal Trapped By Yellow Line Machine

Road-kill Yellow Line
Jobsworth - Painting Yellow Line

Can you help us identify the country and, or, the animal?  We see
here that the yellow line is down the middle of the road, could it be the
USA or Australia?

Jobsworth Workmen Paint White Lines Around Dead BadgerJobsworth White Line Badger

Workmen painting white lines on a road left a gap for a dead badger
because they said it was not their responsibility to move it.  The animal had
been killed about a week before on the A338 near Downton, on the
Hampshire-Wiltshire border, England.

Hampshire County Council said the workers did what they thought 'was
best' because it is the district council's job to remove carcasses.
Subsequently the dead badger has been removed and the lines will be painted.

A Different
Example of Road Painting Stupidity

Bmup - Road Sign

More Funny Parking Yellow Lines

Jobsworth Paints Parking Yellow LineJobsworth - Painting Yellow Line

The 18-inch single yellow line
in Highbury Crescent in Highbury, London is just long enough to fit one wheel, reports the BBC.

Islington Council said no ticket has ever been issued on the line, which was put there 'to help drivers'.

Councillor Lucy Watt, of Islington Council, said the stretch of kerb was shared by residents' bays and pay and display bays. She added, 'In Islington we take a common sense approach to parking enforcement.
This means making sure signs and lines clearly identify the different parking bays we provide for residents and visitors.'

Will and Guy say: In the old days, a 'common sense approach' would have
meant extending the adjacent parking bays by 9 inches each.

Another Candidate for the World's Silliest Double Yellow Lines

As if the yellow lines in Highbury Crescent, London were not stupid enough,
we have found another example of money wastage by a local council because of a
'jobsworth' attitude.

This time the lines are in Islington, London, where a road, which is just
over a metre wide, has been painted on both sides of the street to emphasise
that parking there is prohibited.

Once again Will and Guy say, 'You couldn't make it up.'
See more about jobsworths in England.

Yellow Line Fever

Mike Fox of Salisbury Road, West Ealing, London, kindly agreed that
contractors could move his car so that they could paint yellow lines. A
waiting traffic warden pounced and issued a parking ticket in the spot where
the contractors had parked Mike's car.

One morning Michael Dickinson of Hendon, parked his car perfectly
legally. The road had never had any parking restrictions. However, when he
returned in the afternoon, he could see that a yellow line had been painted
up to his car, and furthermore a warden had slapped a parking ticket on his
windscreen. Zero sense of natural justice.

Classic Picture - Men Working

Pothole - Men Working

How many men does it take to dig a hole?  Is it ten, or maybe eleven!

Picture kindly sent in by Alistair.

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