Funny Video Giant Panda with a baby cub feeding


1) Mother Panda Munching

Picture of Panda

2) Panda cub lying by the mother's feet

Picture of Panda

3) What's the matter with the Panda cub?

Incidentally, cubs are born blind, but they are
able to cry and call out to the mother for milk.

Panda Cub

Giant Panda with Cub

Check out the Panda video and see what happened

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More Pictures of Pandas

The Panda Picnic

Funny Panda Picnic

After playing on the slide the pandas decide to
have a party

Panda Chewing Picture

Pandas having liquid refreshment at the picnic

Pandas having a drink

Three of eight pandas which have been chosen for an Olympic exhibition tour to
Beijing. They were selected in an online poll when about 10 million votes were

Pandas selected for Olympic tour

Interesting Facts About Pandas

  • The giant panda has a special place in Chinese folklore; for example the fur or
    pelt was thought to ward off plagues.  Each region of China seems to have a
    different name for the panda for instance, cat bear, eater of bamboo or great
  • As you can see from the above pictures, pandas sit, or lie down when they feed.
    If you ever see their teeth, they are relatively large.  Being a herbivore
    they need to eat at least every 6 hours, indeed they are one of the few bears
    who don't hibernate, probably because their bamboo snack is available all the
    year around.
  • Pandas have one of the biggest contrasts between tiny baby and adult.  They gain their full size at about 4yrs old and become
    reproductively mature at age 6 and live for about 25 years.
  • It seems hard to believe that bamboo could grow into dense forests, however this
    is just the habitat where pandas flourish.  Indeed this is the problem, in
    nature bamboo shoots is all that pandas eat, thus they are dependent on being
    left at peace in such bamboo thickets.  Today there are only 6 areas in
    China where it's high enough, and cold enough, for the deciduous forest suitable
    for bamboo to grow in quantity.
  • Rumour: The collective name for a group pandas is a pandamonium.

Dog Adopts Red Panda Cubs
Dog adopts pandas

Two abandoned red panda cubs are thriving at a zoo in China - after being
adopted by a dog Will and Guy can reveal. The word "panda" actually
translated from the Chinese means "bamboo eater". The cubs were ignored by
their mother after it gave birth in front of a crowd at Taiyuan Zoo in
China's Shanxi province we have learned.

The zoo urgently needed a replacement mother if the cubs were to live and
they found a dog which had recently given birth on a neighbouring farm. The
dog is now raising the two cubs like its own offspring; sometimes even
refusing to feed her own pup. We have discovered from Zoo worker, Ha
Guojiang, that the stand-in mum is good-natured and has happily adopted the
cubs. At three weeks old, the baby cubs have not yet opened their eyes but
have doubled in length to 20cms [8ins].

Ten Fascinating Facts About Red Pandas

  1. The red panda is rare and continues to decline and wild life experts
    now consider it to be an endangered species.
  2. The red panda, which is much smaller than the giant panda, resembles
    a raccoon in size and appearance.
  3. Red pandas almost exclusively eat bamboo.
  4. They are good tree climbers and spend most of their time in trees
    when not foraging.
  5. The red panda is found in a mountainous band from Nepal through
    north eastern India and Bhutan and into China, Laos and northern
  6. Red pandas love to wrap themselves in their tail when the weather is
  7. The fur of red pandas is dense and very warm.
  8. Pandas have big and strong teeth and jaws which helps when they find
  9. Maximum lifespan of any panda is 14 years.
  10. Red pandas are important and they are the symbol of the
    International Tea Festival in Darjeeling, Nepal.

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