Funny No Signs


No Dancing Access

Will and Guy muse 'Who is it that places these funny "No" signs?'


'No Signs Allowed' - The King of the Pack

No Signs Allowed

I wonder how this photo was composed.  Could it be a genuine picture?  Posed scene,
or do we suspect software enhanced?  Our conclusion is a genuine funny picture:
'No Signs Allowed'.

No Wheelchair

No Wheelchair Access

This Month's Special - No FuelFunny Senior Moments

Special Offer - No fuel

Entrance Only - Do Not Enter

Here is another funny picture of a
notice that defies logic.  Therefore, we deduce that these
signs are genuine.Entrance Only Sign

Entrance only - do not enter!
Entrance only - do not enter!

A classic stupid notice.  Will and Guy muse, how much to
sign-writers mistakes cost the economy.  However, we don't dwell on this
philosophy for long, we are too keen so seek out
more funny 'No signs'.

Three Amusing and
Funny "Not Allowed" StoriesAmusing Not Allowed

1) Crazy Regulation

Anchorage regulated......Placing of dead bodies is not allowed.

Notice right, seen in Bretagne, [Brittany] France.

2)  Australian Male

An Australian male was barred from boarding a London-Melbourne flight
unless he removed a T-shirt depicting George Bush as the world's number one

Later the same day the same man was prevented from catching a connecting
flight within Australia unless he removed the T-shirt.

3) Teachers Not Up to Speed

Teachers "not allowed" to chase a four-year-old school runaway: because of
health and safety risk!

St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School in Richmond, London, England
claim that running after a child is "dangerous".

It's being called a "safe handling policy," but the extraordinary health
and safety rule which has enabled an inquisitive four-year-old boy to
repeatedly wander out the school playground is enough to give any parent
nightmares. On four occasions since the start of term a youngster has walked
out of school grounds during break time to explore the outside world.

Each time he has apparently been spotted by the supervising member
of staff.  Instead of grabbing or running after him to bring him back,
the teacher has had to "track" the youngster on foot to ensure he comes to
no harm and they have to ring the police so officers can stop him. On one
occasion two young children were followed as they walked near a busy main
road and five police vehicles turned up to pick them up claimed one lady.
'It's crazy,' she said, 'an adult could easily catch up with him and safely
restrain him. But apparently it is school policy not to grab them.'

Acting head teacher responded, 'We have a positive safe handling policy
that allows us to use reasonable action. However it can be dangerous to
chase after a child because often it makes them run faster.'

Will and Guy wonder how fast a four year old is able to run.

Danger - Falling Off A Cliff Will Cause Injury

Danger falling off a cliff will cause injury

Genuine 'Danger' notice from Crater Lake National Park, Oregon USA, kindly sent in by Sharon Gould.

Another Example of Signspotting.

No Bottom Washing

Obey This Sign

Where did this 'No' sign come from?  A launderette?  A fishing

The truth:
Sign seen at a boat launching ramp in Hingham, Massachusetts,

We Didn't Know If We Were Coming or Going

Funny Exit Entry Sign

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And to Finish - Nothing

Nothing happened

Please send us your funny "No Signs"

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