Funny Picture of New Ways of Making Money

1) New Way of Making Money

I thought I had exhausted ways of making money, then I saw this: Making money - head in sand There really are boys making money this way in Delhi India.

2) Would This Job Interest You?

You don't have to be mad to work here - but it helps. Making money - Target holder I wonder if they take turns? Or could it be a case of, 'There are those who shoot, and those who hold targets?'

3) Another Unusual Way of Making Money

An Unusual Way of Making Money It seems that the assistants dip the stooge's head in ink and then attempt to paint on a suitable canvas.  Ingenious, but I cannot see it catching on.

4a) Child Labour?

Will and Guy's humor crazy ways of making money Funny way to make money?

4b) Baby Chili or Chili Baby?

Baby Chili

5) Dog Labour?

dog begging The nearest dog costume looks very realistic, but the blue one needs a bit more work. Footnote Please send us your new ways of making money.

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