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Funny mole picture

Funny mole picture - Beware unven ground 'Beware uneven ground due to mole activity'  Picture kindly sent in by Brian Mansell

Dealing with Moles (Extra research by Will and Guy)funny mole burrowing

It is very difficult to persuade moles to take poisoned bait as they mainly eat earthworms.  The most common method of control is with moles traps.  To be effective these heavy metal traps have to be viscous.  An unfortunate side-effect is that your pet dog could unearth the trap and the sharp points and viscous springs could cause a nasty injury to their noses. One effective, if time consuming method, is wait until you see activity in the mole burrow / tunnel and then bash them over the head with a spade. Another tactic, depending on where you live, is send for the neighbourhood mole strangler, who in fact may try sonic devices to scare them away. The natural enemy of the mole is the weasel, investigate introducing a pair to your garden.  One enduring urban myth or old wives' tale is that moles cannot stand pickled onions in their burrows. Types of Mole There are several species of moles, in the UK we have Talpa europaea and in America they have the genus, Scalopus.   Scalopus aquaticus in the east, Scapanus latimanus in California plus the Star Nosed mole Condylura cristata. There are also moles in Asia and even South Africa.

Mole Jokes - Have a Laugh at the Mole's Expense

Thermole - Exploding Mole? Demoleition - The destruction which moles bring to your lawn. (Or better the killing of moles) Molector - Like train-spotter only collecting mole T-shirts, mugs, hmmm especially mugs. Note 1: The mole is the Patron Saint of Chemistry (As in 1 mole of magnesium, or a 1 mole solution of caustic soda) Q: What do you get when you have a Company of moles acting like idiots in their Citadels? A: MoleAsses Note 2: Company is the collective noun for moles. Also Citadel is the name for lots of mole burrows. Addendum: In Indian territory, a collection of moles with sharp haircuts could be known as a Molehawk

Famous MoleFamous mole - Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows written by Kenneth Grahame, features the animal characters: 'Toad of Toad hall', Ratty and my favourite, Mole. Here is an extract from the book which sets the scene:  'Hang spring-cleaning!' said Mole and bolted out of the house without even waiting to put on his coat. Something up above was calling him imperiously, and he made for the steep little tunnel into the sunlight. If you have any amusing pictures of moles, other animals or funny signs then do send them to us.

Interesting Facts About Moles

  • In the mole kingdom, the males are called boars and the females are called sows.  Both genders are solitary outside of the mating season. Consequently, it's only in quizzes that you ever see the collective noun, a 'labour of moles', or a 'company of moles'.
  • However, you may see a citadel of mole burrows.  Citadel is such a splendid name for a collection of mole hillocks and tunnels.  What is happening is that each tunnel is owned by a different mole who marks their territory with scent.  We can guess from their unusual anatomy, (their collar bone is connected directly to the arm bone) that they are doing the equivalent of the breast stroke as they clear away soil to make their tunnels.
  • Moles are insectivores, relatives of the shrew.  Since they expend so much energy burrowing, moles need to eat vast quantities of worms, insect larvae and slugs.  Because there are over 40 different species of moles, thus it's difficult to generalise on the precise diet of the moles in your neighbourhood.
  • Moleskin has a wonderful velvety texture, I remember my uncle having a marvellous moleskin waistcoat, and wondering how many moles it took to make the garment.
  • Going back much further in history to 1702, moles were responsible for the death of King William III (William of Orange).  What happened was the king was out riding, and his horse stumbled over a molehill.  Three weeks later the king was dead as a result of injuries sustained during his fall.A fanciful story? Maybe; but how do you explain William of Orange's enemies, the Jacobites raising their glasses and toasting, 'The little gentleman in a black velvet suit'.
  • One of the funniest made-up names that I have heard was Dame Celia Molestrangler, played by Betty Marsden in the 1960s radio programme 'Round the Horne'.
Footnote: Please send us your funny mole pictures, or mole jokes.

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