Funny Military Pictures

Here is Will and Guy's collection of funny military pictures, as you will
see no nationality has been spared humiliation, and the army, navy and air
force are all represented.

Funny Military Pictures



Army Humour, Jokes and Stories

Tank Brigade

Funny Tank
Funny Tank
Funny Austrialian Plane

Heavy Cavalry

Funny Cavalry

Enemy Forces

Goat Gun

Question: What do you call a goat with a gun?

Answer: 'Sir'.

Hilarious First Day For Army Recruit

Young Frank joined the Army and was advised by his father to act big and
tough. 'That's the only way to command respect in this man's Army,' he had
told his son.

Young Frank tried hard and did his best to carry out the
advice. He swaggered around the base, bragging, blustering and talking out
of the corner of his mouth.

'Show me a Sergeant and I'll show you a
dope,' Young Frank shouted to no-one in particular.

No sooner had he
spoken when a brawny, battle-toughened figure appeared wearing 3 stripes.

'I am a Sergeant!' he bellowed roughly in Frank's face.
'And I am a
dope, Sergeant,' whispered Frank.

Funny Joke About An Army SergeantRussian army knife

It was early morning at
the military camp at Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA, and the newly promoted
sergeant was calling out names for the daily work parties listed on a piece
of paper:

'Smith?' 'Here.'
'Williams?' 'Here.'
'Jones?' 'Here.'
'Edwards?' 'Here.'
No answer.

No answer was
heard again.


The troops remained totally silent. At
that point, someone whispered into the new sergeant's ear. He looked again
at what the last name really said, quickly turned over the list and
continued calling the names printed on the other side.

One Reason For Joining The NavyRussian army knife

Just having passed the enlistment physical, Terry, was asked by the doctor,
'Why do you want to join the Navy, son?'

'My father said it'd be a good idea, sir,' Terry murmured.

'Oh! And what does your father do?' rejoined the doctor.

'He's in the Army, sir.'

Letter Home

Christopher, a
young man, left home to join the army. He told his girl friend, Pippa, that
he would miss her and that he would write every day.

After about six
months, Chris received a letter from Pippa saying that she was marrying
someone else.

Dismayed, Chris wrote home to his family to find out whom
she had married.
Chris's family wrote back and told him: it was the

Medal Men

Medal men

I've got more than you.................................Oh no you haven't!

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