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At first it may appear that the topic of lawns, grass, lawn mowers and such like have no place on a humour website. Will and Guy thought that at first, and it was only after surfing the net that we discovered a number of funny, silly and plain hilarious items which we share with you here. Will dislikes mowing the lawn but loves the smell of fresh mown grass. As you can see from Guy's mower, [below] he loves careering around his garden in the summer months.

Guy's Funny Lawn Mower

Funny lawn mower picture Above is my pride and joy - or my 'coup de grace'.  Bill, my next door neighbour has a drive-on mower and I wanted something to rival his machine. Drive on MowerEaster always marks the beginning of the lawn mowing season.  However, I always wait until May, when the grass is good and long before I start cutting.  Over the winter I have been making a few modifications for easier grass cutting, which you can see below.

Guy's Front Lawn

As I love plant diversity in my lawn, I encourage yellow buttercups in April, then purple prunella and red clover in June and July.As I love plant diversity in my lawn, I encourage yellow buttercups in April, then purple prunella and red clover in June and July. Furthermore, I am the only person in my road that has an old fashioned push mower.  Everyone else in my road has a motor mower, some have sit-on mowers, even though they can barely turn them around as their gardens are so small. Note: I water my lawn with whisky, that's why it comes up half cut.

Plan B - Cut The Grass Fast

Funny lawn mower picture Let the flagpole take the strain!
The above lawn mower picture reminds me of the old joke: My neighbour asked if he could use my lawnmower and I told him of course he could, so long as he didn't take it out of my garden.

Dog Earns His KeepFunny lawn mower picture

Now we can bring you Hope, the German Shepherd dog, who will mow the grass for you. Hope, from Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham, England, who was the winner of National Pet of the Month in April 2008.  It is claimed that he is also able to play the piano. Brilliant says Will. Reminds me of the old tale: Never keep a dog and bark yourself says Guy.

A More Menacing Grass Cutting Saga

A Newspaper cutting about 'Menacing Grass Cutting'.  Could 'Ruby' be the culprit?  See below ... Menacing grass cuttingMonkey business on the lawn

Ruby Mows the Lawn

Ruby, a 10 year old chimp, pushes a lawnmower at Monkey Town animal park in Cape Town, South Africa. The green-fingered ape mows the lawn, rakes the grass, loads a wheelbarrow with straw, digs with a spade, sweeps up and gets rid of garden waste in a wheelie bin. Will and Guy want Ruby to help in their gardens.

No Sleeping

Funny Mower Pictures 'Perhaps if it's sleeping it won't grow,' said Guy's Chinese gardener

Guy Once Had a Chinese Gardener

Greenland - Lawn Engrish No Entrance to Greenland (See more Engrish)

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How Guy Deals with Grass Cuttings

How to deal with grass cuttings

Final Resting Place for the Big Grass Cuttings

Lawn mower racing! What fun you can have moulding a haystack.

Meanwhile: Where's My Lawn Gone?

Where's My Lawn Gone? Where can I sit now my lawn's gone?

Send Us Your Funny Lawn Mower Pictures

You may well be able to caption these photos better than we have and we encourage you to send in your own pictures and funny stories for which you will receive credit.

Still No Grass - Just Wishful Thinking!

Arthur Buliva took this picture in Accra, the capital of Ghana, West Africa. Keep of the grass!
The above picture reminds Will and Guy of this clipping: A sign on the lawn at a drug rehab centre said: "Keep off the Grass."

Funny Lawn Mowers HazardsLawn mower hazards

Lawn mower hazards See more funny lawn mower pictures.

Rare Picture of Lawn Chair Man

Lawn Chair Man

Weird Lawnchair Parking

Lawnchair parking Seen in Canada in 2008 - grab a prime position for the Santa Parade. Perhaps Larry Walters will utilise the space? See more about Larry Walters (Lawn Chair Man)

Unusual Lawn Mower PicturesFunny Lawn Mower Pics

Close encounter with a lawn mower

Lawnchair parking

 Mow The Car

Lawnchair parking Under that funny lawn is a Beetle - See more VW picturesGrass Flip Flop

Grass Flip-flops

Grass flip-flops developed by MisChief for Krispy Kreme: 'Each shoe has over 5,000 blades of grass and, if regularly tended to and watered, can last for over four months. We're giving them away to stressed out commuters so they can relax in their own mini-park.'

Lawn Mowing Jokes

Kevin and Bill were talking one day. 'My wife asked me to buy organic vegetables from the greengrocer's,' said Kevin. 'So were you able to find some?" enquired Bill. 'Well when I got to the shop, I asked the manager, 'These vegetables are for my wife. Have they been sprayed with any poisonous chemicals?'  Kevin continued, 'The shopkeeper told me, 'No, you'll have to do that yourself.'
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Coup De Grass

Coup de Grass

Keep Kids Off Your Lawn

Will and Guy's Jokes keep the kids of the lawn Only in America..... Footnote: Please send us your funny lawn mower pictures.

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