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funny cat - close shave

Some people who have kittens go on to lead normal lives.

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Kitten Boxing

Close Shave

funny cat - close shave
Kitten Boxer

Close shave, or shadow boxing?

Lovely Kittens

Kitten What?
Kitten What?

Kitten - Just Hanging Around

Kitten Hanging Around
Funny Cat Shampoo

My What a Big Tongue You Have!

My What a Big Tongue You Have
funny cat - close shave

Peek-a-Boo KittensCats - Gotcha Picture

Peek-a-boo Cat

Snow Kitten!

Snow Kitten

Funny Kitten Pictures

Cat and Dog
funny cat - close shave
Kitten What?

What Have We Here?  Puppies or Kittens?

funny cat - close shave
funny cat - close shave

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Kitten Boxer

Funny Swimming
Cat Swimming

Will and Guy are able to bring you a cat which enjoys a dip
in the pool.

A cat in Australia is defying its species' famous dread of water by
taking regular dips in a swimming pool. This one, which has the unusual
name of Prinny, is a Persian cat and regularly joins canine friend Bandit,
the blue heeler, at the "Doggy Paddle Swim Centre" in Rosebud, Melbourne.

The paddling pooch has regular swimming sessions in order to help treat
a bad back. Prinny, however, has no such ailment and apparently takes to
the water simply for the fun of it.

Doggy Paddle owner Jacque Olsen told us, 'I've never seen a cat swim
before. Bandit came here with a bad back and his owner said the cat swims
with him at home, so Prinny hopped in the pool with him next time he
Jacque originally set up her unique swim centre, which boasts a
8m x 2m lap pool, for her Staffy cross ridgeback Ubud, whose back legs
became paralysed after he suffered an embolism. 'After six months of
swimming Ubud was walking again,' she said.

Today, the Doggy Paddle swim centre has 150 dogs on its books and, of
course, one cat.

Bug-eyed Kitten?

Cross-eyed cat

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