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Indian English dialects evolved when the subcontinent was part of the British
Empire. Today it provides a
rich seam of funny Inglish signs.


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Inglish Pictures

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Republic Day India 26th January

Inglish ExamplesInglish Jokes

  • Teachress – a female teacher.
  • Timepass – a trivial activity that passes the time.
  • Your lyrical missive has enveloped me in the sweet fragrance of our
    love – from a book advising lovers on how to write to girlfriends.
  • Premesh Patel has left for his heavenly above – a death notice.

Tiffin Available

Inglish Tiffin

Tiffin is a common word in India for afternoon tea, or even brunch.

Perhaps the most endearing aspect of Indian English is the way it has
preserved forms now regarded as highly old-fashioned in Britain. Addresses
such as “Good sir” and questions like “May I know your good name?”

Fancy a Snake Snack?

Inglish Snakes Sign

Funny Indglish Jokes

Wrong: Take this letter and post yourself.

: Please take this letter and post it yourself.

Wrong: Udupi Hotel fooding is not good.

The food at Udupi Hotel is not good.

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Fancy leeches?Inglish Tiffin

Call for reinforcements?

Funny Inglish Sign

More alcoholics available!

Funny Examples of Indian English Sign
Inglish Jokes

‘Entry From Backside Only’, is a funny Ingrish sign that refers to a phrase commonly used on signposts
in India to indicate the rear entrance of a building.

Ingrish Heard After an
English ExamInglish Jokes

Devyani; Hey, I wanted to confirm one of my answers. Can you help

Anil: Sure, which one was it?

Devyani: Well, we were supposed to add a suitable preposition in the
blank. The question was, ‘Bear ____ me for a while.’

Naturally, the answer was “Bear with me for a while.” This means that the
speaker requests the person to be patient for a while.

Devyani, however, changed the meaning completely with her answer by
writing: “Bear chased me for a while.”

More Funny Inglish Pictures And Indian English Examples

  1. Indians may say: I am liking it very much.
    Instead of saying: I
    like it very much.
  2. They might say: She performs many charities.
    Instead of:
    She gives away a lot to charity.
  3. They might say: My all closets are empty.
    Instead of: My closets
    are all empty.
  4. A question: ‘Didn’t you take Rita to school?’
    May be answered
    with: Yes, I didn’t. Instead of: No, I didn’t.
  5. They might say: Let’s go out for some ice-cream-vice-cream.
    mean: Let us go out for some ice-cream.
  6. They might say: What is your good name?
    Instead of: What is your
  7. Will’s Mother, who is from Sri Lanka used to say such things
    They did it, no? / He is here, isn’t it?/ She closed the door,
    did she?
    Instead of: They did it, didn’t they? / He is here, isn’t
    he?/ She closed the door, didn’t she?Indian English

Compiled by Will with the help of Dr Roopa Nishi Viswanathan

The Origin of Inglish Signs

English has been with India since the early 1600’s, when the East India
Company started trading and English missionaries first began their efforts.
Funny Indlish Jokes

The English which is spoken in India is different from that spoken in
other regions of the world, and it is regarded as the unique variety which
is called Indian English or Inglish.

Indians also shorten many words to create commonly used terms.

Enthusiasm is called enthu; as such, it can be used in new ways. One can
say, ‘That guy has a lot of enthu.’ While this is simply an abbreviation,
enthu can also be used as an adjective where enthusiasm cannot, as in ‘He’s
a real enthu guy.’

The same applies for fundamentals, which is shortened as fundas. ‘She
knows her fundas.’ What is interesting about fundas is that when the -as
ending is dropped and -u is added, it takes on a new meaning and can be used
in a new way. Fundu basically means wonderful or brilliant. One can say ‘He
is a fundu person’ or even ‘He is fundu.’

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Finally These Indian Signs Had Us Stumped

Funny Exit Entry Sign

Will and Guy did not know if we were coming or going when we saw this
pair of Indian signs.

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