My wife’s
gone to the West Indies
-No, she went of her own accord.

the original, ‘I say, I say joke’.  Here are a whole family of imitations, and variations.


More I Say, I Say JokesI Say, I Say jokes. My wife's gone to Jamaica.

-My wife’s
gone mad in Venezuela
-Yes, absolutely loopy

-My wife’s
gone to the Indian coast

-Phwoar! I’ll say!

-My mother-in-law has gone to St Petersburg.
-Is she Russian?
-No, she’s
taking her time.

-My wife’s
gone to Northern Italy
-I should think so, We’ve been married for 20

-My wife’s
had an accident on a volcano
-Krakatoa? -No.
-She broke her leg.

-My wife’s
gone to the Welsh border.
-Search me.

-My daughter’s
gone to the botanical gardens.
-Yes, it was rather busy.

-My wife’s
gone to Malawi
-Yes, about 5000 miles

-My wife’s
had an upset tummy
in Laos
-Yes, constantly.

I Say I Say by Bill MacKay

“I’ve been studying marine science in the Indian Ocean.”  “Seychelles?”
“Well, all the molluscs, really.”

‎”A friend builds new vehicles not far off Africa.”  “Madagascar?”

they’re all electric!”

“I went to visit my son in Holland” “Utrecht?”
“No I flew all the

‎”I went to Ireland with a friend.” “Kilkenny?”
“Almost! he really
got on my nerves!”

-My son’s
gone on a singing tour of South Korea
-No, R&B

-My wife caught a cold in the Gulf
-Yes, she was coughing up greenies
for weeks

-My father-in-law had an accident in Slovenia
-like a stuck pig.

-My son’s
parents are from Croatia
-No, they’re still happily married.

-My wife went
to a very bad concert out East
-Terrible. Yes, and the rest of the band were rubbish too.

-My daughter went on a sailing course in Poole
-In Dorset?
-Yes, she’
d recommend it to anyone.

wife smoked a joint near Manchester
-In Hale?

Please send us your funny I say, I say jokes.


Onomatopoeia is figure of speech where the word sounds like the thing that it is
describing.  For example, ‘BOOM’ ‘cuckoo’, or the ‘bee buzzzzes’.  Allegory, double entendre, oxymoron and metaphor are other figures of speech,
but none have the impudence of onomatopoeia.
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