Remarkable pictures of horse in art driftwood

These ladies build horses out of scrap driftwood. Not only are they remarkable, but also they are using what nature has left behind to create a form of art.

Horse and Foal

Horse art from driftwood Driftwood horse sculptures by UK artist Heather Jansch

Horse in Art on the Beach

Horse art from beach driftwood See more horse sculptures by Heather Jansch

Lady with Raw Material - Driftwood

Horse art from beach driftwood

Horse Construction Under Way

Horse art stage 2

Completed Horse Built from Driftwood

Horse art stage 2 Driftwood horse sculptures by UK artist Heather Jansch

More Horse in Art

A pair of Wellington boots or galoshes Horse Art - Galoshers Some people just have the ability to visualise art, then make it happen, as in these Wellington boots.  Don't you just love that mouth!

Horse Art - Tyres

Horse art - old tyres Just imagine all the work that went into converting those old tyres into horse art. Footnote: Please send us your examples of Horse In Art.

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