Funny Giraffe Pictures


Funny giraffe pictures


Funny Giraffe Picture

Giraffe in airplane

'Too tall'.  Giraffes can grow to about 20ft.

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Funny picture of giraffe

Question: Why do Giraffes have long necks?
Answer: Because their feet smell.

Feed the Giraffe

Feed the giraffe

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Peek-a-Boo Giraffe

Giraffe Peek-a-boo

Giraffe JokeGiraffe Joke

John strolls into a bar with a giraffe and they sit down on two stools at the front and the guy says to the bartender," Two beers please bartender."

The bartender pours them two beers and the giraffe grabs his
and drinks it down in one go, and his mate follows suit. John then says again, "Another two beers please bartender." The bartender pours two more beers and once again the giraffe necks his and his friend does
likewise. This goes on for a fair while with the giraffe and his companion downing beer after beer after beer.

The two have had about 12 beers each when the guy looks over at the giraffe who is starting to
wobble on his stool......his wobbling gets worse and worse and eventually he just passes out and falls backwards off the stool onto the floor.

John looks at him and then gets up off his stool and starts
walking out of the bar.

The bartender then yells at the guy as he is leaving, " can't leave that lyin' there."

John looks at the giraffe and then replies, "That's not a lion that's a giraffe,"
and walks out.

Interesting Facts About

  1. The Latin name for the giraffe is Giraffa camelopardilas, which reflects
    the idea of a camel with leopard spots.  Their natural habitat is the
    savannah of  Africa where they can grow to 20ft tall.  If you
    think about it, that must put some load on their heart to pump blood to that
  2. When in a group, they can be referred to as a
    'tower of giraffes'.
    Other collective nouns include a corps of giraffes and more commonly, a herd
    of giraffes.
  3. Male giraffes are called bulls and the females are cows.
  4. Young giraffes are called calves, although some people call them cubs.
    Within an hour of birth these babies are able to walk with their mothers.
    Amazingly, these calves are as tall as the average person.
  5. If you ever see live giraffes, then the first surprise is how graceful they
    are; despite their long legs and neck, they glide over the ground.  To
    prevent them tripping over their own legs, when they run, the front legs land
    inside the hind legs.  Still pictures of giraffes don't do justice to their
    athletic movement in nature.
  6. Just as we humans all have distinct faces, so giraffes all have distinct
    markings or patterns.
  7. Watch for the neck, giraffes show their emotions by the position of their
    head, submissive - near the horizontal; aggressive, standing tall.  It
    strikes me as one of the wonders of nature how their hearts can pump blood all
    the way up to their heads.
  8. Let us correct some mis-conceptions about giraffes:
    a) Giraffes can lie down
    b) They only have the same NUMBER of neck vertebrae as other mammals - 7.
    c) Giraffes are NOT mute.  They converse in grunts, but also by sound
    outside the human hearing range.
    d) Their 'horns' are really bony protuberances covered with skin and are
    true horns like cattle.

McDonalds Reach AfricaCoffee Giraffe

Giraffe McDonalds

McDonald's announces new giraffe burger.

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