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As you walk around your neighborhood, or travel on the bus keep
your eye out for funny garbage notices and trash signs.  Here is Will and
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Garage Sale?   Are You Sure?

Garbage sale

Funny Garbage

Don't Upset the Bin Men - Funny rubbish notice

Perhaps the above drivers parked in their neighbor's driveway just once too often!
By the way, can you identify those cars in that skip?  Meanwhile, it
could be worse ask Mr Mollard ....

Drive In Garbage - A True Funny Story of Rubbish

Drive In Garbage

A Swiss driver ended up in the garbage after plunging 30 feet into a
bunker at a green recycling centre.  Police say the 65-year-old
motorist did something that all drivers must be in fear of - hit the
accelerator instead of the brake. This resulted in him shooting off the
edge, as he backed up, into the trash below at the refuse centre in
Bazenheid, Switzerland.

Firefighters had to winch shocked Heiner Mollard to safety for treatment
for cuts and bruises. To add insult to injury, Mr Mollard was fined the
equivalent of £50 [$75 USD] by the garbage site owners for leaving an
"inappropriate item" in a recycling bin.

Will and Guy think you couldn't make it up.


Rubbish Ambition?Drive In Garbage

I recently asked a friend, 'Has your son decided what he wants to be when he grows up?'

'Yes, he wants to be a garbage collector', my friend replied.

I had to think about that one
for a moment. 'That's a rather strange ambition to have for a career,' I finally managed to reply.

'Well,' said the boy's
father, 'he thinks that garbage collectors only work on Tuesdays'.

Anyone leaving their garments here
for more than 30 days will be disposed of.

Garbage Only - No Trash

Garbage only No Trash

'Get Out of That', Say
Garbage Collectors

Garbage disposal operators show their sense of humour in
this short, but funny, sequence of photographs to the left.

Waste disposal, rubbish removal, garbage collectors, domestic refuse operator
- whatever you may call them, do a fine job. They take away the things we no
longer want and dispose of them.

Some people in the UK give their 'dustbin man' a monetary tip at Christmas
because they do such a good job of work during the year. Therefore, Will and Guy
were very surprised to see that some thoughtless person had parked their car
blocking the garbage collectors way to their bins.

However, we are able to report to our readers that the 'binmen' had it all in
hand and they reeked their revenge on the unsuspecting the car owner.

Get out of that say binmen

Garbage Bonds?Rubbish Savings Account

Mr Cui, a Chinese man, put his savings in a garbage bin to hide them from burglars - then forgot and threw out
the bin.

In the garbage bin was the equivalent of £3,200 [$6,000USD]. 'We looked around our home and finally decided to hide the money in the garbage bin, where we believed it was safest from burglary,' said Cui who lives in Qingdao city.  But Cui and his
wife forgot about the money when they returned, reports Bandao City Papers. 'I threw away the garbage the day after I came home, since the bin was full,' he said.

Two days passed before Cui remembered
where he had hidden the money, and when he rushed to check the garbage room, it had already been taken away. 'Our last hope was the city garbage treatment centre, but the landfill was so vast that we knew our
money was lost forever,' he said.

Council Routinely Search Garbage (Reported in the Times)

Today I can reveal the other side to the story, the council's
side. And the great thing is that it makes the council look even more fatuous than it did last
Thursday when Tierney contacted his local newspaper to complain about the fine.

The council now alleges that Tierney did not deposit just two letters in the litter bin, but a whole sack of 'domestic
rubbish'.  Tierney denies the imputation: 'They're just trying to save face. They've been made to look stupid, so they come up with this. Why didn't
they say that on Thursday?'

Quite; but more to the point,
how did they know that this black bag full of 'domestic rubbish'
had been deposited by Tierney - unless, that is, they pay someone to rifle through the garbage with the sole purpose of persecuting
rubbish-placement transgressors? Well, of course, on cross-examination it transpires that this is exactly what they spend your council tax on. Rubbish placement transgressor inspectors.

'If we find a black
bin bag in a litter bin, we will sift through the rubbish and attempt to identify who put it there, 'a council employee told me, with great patience, as if this were a perfectly reasonable thing to do.' A
refuse disposal man will identify a black bag and then report it to his supervisor and a decision will be made to examine the contents of the bag and, upon identifying the miscreant, issue a fixed penalty
notice.'  You couldn't
make this up and, luckily, I didn't
have to.

There are other eternally vigilant people employed by Hinckley and Bosworth borough council whose job it is to persecute the residents who
pay their wages. These are called neighbourhood wardens - 'the eyes and ears of the local community', according to the council spokeswoman.

It was one of these individuals who espied Tierney putting some
litter in a bin and quickly filed a report. So they have people paid to walk the streets and make sure you don't
put letters in a litter bin and other people employed to sift through your rubbish and fine you
if you do. Possibly people like you and I, possibly weird people whom you would not wish to sit next to at dinner.

The average council tax charge in Hinckley and Bosworth is £1,242.97 a year. Council tax
charges have risen by about 100% nationally over the past decade. This is a small price for such extraordinary vigilance, such devotion to the cause. Quite what the cause is remains a mystery.

Don't Throw Away Rubbish

Don't Throw Rubbish

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