Funny Footballers’ Haircuts



Every football team has its fashion leader, or what Guy would call a poser.  While they cannot wear their flashy clothes on the pitch, the true football fashion worshiper can express himself through his
haircut.  Enjoy our PowerPoint Presentation over 60 different hairstyles.

Abel Xavier

Footballers haircuts

Edgar Davids and Roberto Baggio - Exchange tips on hair-grips.

Edgar Davids and Roberto Baggio

Carlos Vaderama - Like many of these, a great player

Carlos Vaderama

David Beckham

David Beckham

For distinctive haircuts, David Beckham has been one of the best, or one of the worst depending
on your point of view.

Free PowerPoint Presentation of Footballers' Haircuts

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Will and Guy

Footballers Haircuts - Complete list of those featured in the PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Emmanuel Petit
  2. Joao Alves de Assis Silva
  3. Harry Kewell
  4. Rigobert Song
  5. El Haj Diouf
  6. Peter Marinello
  7. Malcolm MacDonald
  8. Stan Bowles
  9. Patrik Berger
  10. Andriyk Voronin
  11. Cobi Jones
  12. Paul
  13. Bobby Charlton
  14. David Seaman
  15. Abel Xavier
  16. Ronaldo
  17. Ronaldinho
  18. Umit Davala
  19. Ralph Coates
  20. Charlie George
  21. Pat Jennings
  22. Andy Gray
  23. Kevin Keegan
  24. Roberto Baggio & Edgar Davids
  25. Barry Venison
  26. Carlos Valderama
  27. Ahn Jung Hwan
  28. David Beckham
  29. Alan Biley
  30. Alan Little
  31. Christian Wilhelmsson
  32. Glenn Hoddle
  33. Djibril Cisse
  34. Clint Mathis
  35. Taribo West
  36. Christian Ziege
  37. Charlie Nicholas
  38. Chris Waddle
  39. Tommy Caton
  40. Rio Ferdinand
  41. George Berry
  42. Kazuyuki Toda
  43. Rodney Fern
  44. Freddie Ljungberg
  45. David James
  46. Yao Aziawonou
  47. Paul Gascoigne
  48. Gerry Francis & Mick
  49. Steve Bruce
  50. Leonardo Cuellar
  51. Ruud Gullit
  52. Noel Brotherstone
  53. Ferdinand Coly
  54. Kevin Beattie
  55. Alexei Lalas
  56. Rudi Voller
  57. Alfie Conn
  58. Graham French
  59. Ivan Campo
  60. Paul Breitner
  61. Remi Moses
  62. Mark Hately
  63. Jason Lee
  64. Rene Higuita
  65. Tony Daley
  66. Craig Johnson
  67. Kenny Burns

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