Funny Dyslexic Signs

Funny Dyslexic Signs

Guy taught dyslexics for 10 years and for some it was a blessing rather than a curse.  For instance while Ian could not read the tube (subway) signs he compensated by navigating the underground by counting the stations.  Later Ian made $1 million in his phone company. Will and Guy always remember that with all humour someone is always the victim of the gag, where we draw the line is when the joke becomes hurtful rather than funny.

Dyslexic Signs on the Roads

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Pour Spelling - Solw Down!

Now STOP!Sotp Road Sign

Pour Spelling Solw Speeding

Dysphonetic DyslexiaSotp Road Sign

The interesting thing about dyslexia is that it embraces dozens of specific learning difficulties, of which dysphonia is the most common.  To digress, if you looked at a picture of an average school football team, you are likely to be looking at boys a wide range of IQ.  Similarly, if you take a class of dyslexics they will show the full range of general intelligence.  This explains why there are famous dyslexics in every walk of life. Confession: The above pictures are poor examples of dyslexia.  A true dyslexic is more likely to write the mirror image, for example, POTS, rather than SOTP.

Speed Bump Menace

We cannot decide if this dyslexic BMUP sign (left) would make us put our foot down on the accelerator or the break pedal. Incidentally, every time I see these speed bumps I am looking for a sign: 'Sponsored by Acme Exhaust Fitters'. The BMUP sign always makes Will think of Star Trek, in which Captain Kirk often used to say, 'Beam me up, Scotty.'
Bmup - Road Sign

Dyslexic Sign-writer - Or Engrish Example?

Sometimes it's not easy to detect the origin of the problem, is it a slip of the pen, or a language difficulty? Warter (Water) Supplies Engrish Dyslexic or Engrish?

Guy Suffers Slow Burning Dyslexia

Guy could not see anything wrong with this cartoon.  Will is worried by this, 'let us read it slowly Guy, Dyslexic  the for  home'.
Dyslexic Home For

Rosht Dyslexic Jokes

  • How many dyslexics does it take to light a change bulb?
  • "DOGS ATE MY CAR" This exchange was reported on the radio: Announcer: "What did your insurance company say?" Me:"I think they were dyslexic.They said I wasn't covered for acts of God."
  • Question: What do you do with a dyslexic with OCD? (Obesive Compulsion Diorders) Answer: Take him to the doc.

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