Funny Dog Fox Picture

Dog Fox Picture

It took me a while before I saw that fox in amongst the pack of hounds.Dog in Sheep dog fox picture 'Fox in Dogs' Picture by kind permission of
When you are in deep trouble, say nothing, and try to look as though you know what you're doing.

Fox Foxes Hunter!

Joke Fox Hunting

 Fox Escapes - Hunting on Good Ground

What have we here?  How did that fox escape the pack of hounds? Fox Jumping - funny picture

Fox and Mouse

Fox and Mouse After the fox and hounds, we have the fox and mouse.  While foxes do indeed eat mice, we are only 90% sure this is a mouse and not a leaf.  What ever it is, it sure has the foxes attention.  Below is a slightly enlarged picture of the mouse. Mouse and fox

 Funny Fox Picture - Rabbit Hunting!

Fox Hunting Rabbits

Fox Hunting on Soft Ground

Once again, a fox in deep trouble!

The Red Fox in Christmas SnowThe Red Fox in Snow

Will and Guy have found that, in their experience, people either love or hate these attractive creatures.  Unlike the pack-forming grey wolves, red foxes are solitary animals. Their home ranges may be shared with only one or two members of the opposite sex. Foxes stalk their prey just like cats. Also like cats, they often play with their catch before they kill it. If they aren't hungry, they may even catch mice just to play with, then let them go when they are done.  A fox's hearing is so acute that it can hear a watch ticking some 40 metres away. Description: The Red Fox is about the size of a large cat. In fact, although it is a member of the dog family, some of its habits are very cat like as well. Appearance wise, it has a reddish coat with white underneath and a big bushy tail with normally a white tip. Habitat: Foxes live in many areas of the world. Will regularly has a vixen and her cubs living near to the bottom of his garden in suburban Hampshire, England. They can live in the deepest wilderness or right in your backyard with equal ease. Diet: Foxes are carnivores. That means that they eat other animals. Their favourite food include rodents, rabbits and small birds. If they live near people, they are famous for raiding hen houses and stealing chickens.

Fox Cubs

Fox with cubs

Interesting Facts About Foxes

  • Will and Guy think it more interesting when animals have specific names to distinguish the genders.  Thus, with foxes we have the female vixen and male reynard.  However, many people call the male fox a dog rather than a reynard.  The young foxes are called cubs or kits.
  • Foxes are nocturnal animals; if you are out at night and ever stumble across a vulpine group, then you have just been lucky enough to have seen a 'skulk of foxes'.
  • It's strange that foxes have such highly tuned senses of hearing and sight, yet they house so many fleas, mites and other parasites.
  • The British government, led by townies, have tried unsuccessfully to ban the age-old country pursuit of foxhunting with dog.  What ever the rights and wrongs of this emotive issue, the dogs don't always win the chase.  Usually the fox escapes, occasionally a particularly wily old fox will lure the dogs to their destruction by criss-crossing railway lines.

The Legend of the Fox and the Bear

Once upon a time the bear had a lovely big bushy tail.  One winter's day a bear met a fox by the pool.  The fox was returning home with a fish and the bear asked him how he caught such a tasty meal.  'I will show you' said the sly fox. The fox took the bear to a hole in the ice.  'What I do', said the fox, 'is put my tail down through the hole and wait until the fish bite, then I flick up my tale and catch the fish.  See how I have a lovely big bushy tale, just like yours'. The bear put his tail into the icy water. 'Now this is vital' said the fox; you must sit very still and think of carp, perch all your favourite fish'. Well, the perishing cold soon got in the bear's bones and he fell asleep. When it was light the fox returned from his den and woke up the bear saying, 'I can see 3 fish on your tail'.  At which point the bear leapt up and his lovely tail ripped from his back. This is why bears nowadays only have stumps for tails; and why foxes and bears are such sworn enemies.

Fox Becomes Best Friends with Jack Russell Terrier

Anuska the Fox with her Canine Chum Sadie the Jack Russell.Fox befriends Jack Russell Anuska, now eight months old, was rescued by art teacher and photographer, Brian Bevan. Just days after being born her mother was hit by a car and Brian, from Bedfordshire, took the vulnerable cub into his home after she was found by a farmer along with nine other cubs. Anuska immediately formed a strong with 10-year-old, called Sadie and now the pair can often be seen jumping around together - making for some unusual picture opportunities for Brian. Footnote: Please send us your funny fox pictures or stories.

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