Funny Pictures About – Trouble for Cyclists


Will occasionally cycles around Portchester and
sometimes finds other road users and the traffic a problem. However, these cycle lanes which are meant to improve the safety for cyclists, also provide unwanted and unnecessary difficulties.


Have To Go Through Hoops

cycling obstacles - bikers blocked

Brings Tears to Cyclist's
Eyes!Bike Water

Bollard brings tears to cyclist's eyes

Phone a
Friend?   Or Has Dr Who Just Materialised?

A triumph for planning a cycle route - phone a friend?

Try the Scenic Route?

Cycle route peters out

Have you noticed that when ever you try and be '

and get on your bike, 'big brother'
puts obstacles in your way.

Cycle Lay-by?

 End of the Road for This
CyclistCycle Layby

Cycle route peters out

 More Trouble for Cyclists

Cycle route peters out

Guy missed the cyclists problem.  Will had to point out to me that
there is supposed to be cycle access, but some jobsworth has erected a

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Causes of Trouble for CyclistsColorful bike

  • Cars turning left without signalling
  • Dogs (Cats can be tricky)
  • Pot-holes
  • Punctures
  • Cycling lanes!  Especially those featured on this page

 Self-inflicted Causes of Cycling Accidents

  • Undertaking articulated lorries
  • Not wearing your helmet
  • Riding on the pavement

You See What's the Trouble with this Cycle Helmet?

Crazy motor cycle helmet

Several women, to whom we have shown the above photograph, cannot see
anything wrong with the helmet.  Check out the position of the chin strap

Tricky Bike to Ride?

tricky bike to ride

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