Interesting Facts. Funny Cows car ride – Video

Here is an everyday story of country folk - with a difference.  Follow the journey and see the adventures of an ordinary Mitsubishi pickup.  Free video at the end of the picture sequence. Interesting facts about cows.

1) Farmer leaves his pickup to mend a water trough

Funny cow car ride

2) Meet the stars of the odyssey

Funny Cow Pictures

3) Cow Drives Car

Cows drive Mitsubishi pickup Are you impressed that they are wearing seat belts?  You'll see why in a minute.

4) Old habits die hard, the cows stop at a cattle grid

Cows drive Mitsubishi pickup stop at cattle grid

5) They decide to fly the cattle grid

Cows drive Mitsubishi pickup stop at cattle grid

Play the cow car ride video, and see a happy ending.

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Interesting Facts About CowsFunny Cow Pictures

  • Cows really do give more milk when they listen to music in the milking parlour.  Ask your government for a grant to study the effect of music on milk production.  Then make your fortune by inventing an iPod for cows so they can listen to music as they graze!
  • In the Indian language, the literal translation of the Sanskrit word for 'War' is, 'we want more cows'
  • It would take a huge herd of around 2,500 cows to supply the 20,000 Wilson footballs that the NFL needs for each season's games.  However, no cows die when the English soccer season kicks off.  The reason is that soccer footballs are made from synthetic materials.
  • Bamboozle the innumerate.  Tell them that it takes 20 pints of milk to make one pint of butter.  Then ask them how many gallons of milk would it take to make a gallon of butter?  (Naturally, the answer is 20 gallons.)

Cow Stuck in a Washing MachineCow Stuck in a washing machine

The RSPCA was called to rescue the heifer called 'Spinner' from a field at Higher Fraddon, St Columb, Cornwall, England.  The cow had to be freed after getting her head stuck in a fly-tipped washing machine drum. The lucky cow escaped injury after her ordeal; but the animal charity warned today that fly tipping can cause animals harm. 'It is one of the more unusual things we had had to rescue an animal from,' said RSPCA spokeswoman Jo Barr. 'Young cows are quite curious, and she probably thought there was some food inside the drum,' she added. A member of the public spotted the frustrated 'Spinner' trying to free herself from the metal drum. RSPCA inspector David Hobbs rescued the heifer, and she has since returned to her herd unharmed. Lesson: Keep your nose out of things that do not concern you. Will and Guy hope that 'Spinner' has found the 'Energy Saving Setting'.

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