Funny Cheetah Video

Animal Conservation - how man intervenes to conserve animals


1) The Predator - Cheetah

1) Predator - cheetah?

2) The chase is on.  My what a long tail you have!

2) Cheetah chases prey

3) Cheetah locks onto prey.
(Will and Guy are having trouble in identifying this member of the Bovidae)

Cheetah homes on on gazelle

4) How did man prevent the kill and preserve the Gazelle prey.
(Will and Guy think it's
a Thomson Gazelle, but we are not sure)

Gazelle free video clip

New Way of Saving Animals

Check out our funny cheetah video clip and see the full story.  See how man saved the gazelle.

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Cheetah Background Information

The modern cheetah population can be traced back to a single African
group of 500 animals that survived the last ice age. Genetically, this means
all living cheetahs are as close as identical twins.

They are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity because the female
needs to be chased by several males before she can ovulate.

Akbar the Great, the 16th-century Mogul emperor, kept more than 1,000
cheetahs but managed only one litter.

The next cheetah born in captivity wasn't until 1956.

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