Funny Caution Signs

We have an assortment of funny caution signs from wall, fences, streets, and even from the river!

Touching Wires Causes Instant Death - Nasty Fine!

funny signs - Touching wires causes instant death

Fall Into Water Carefully!!

Fall into water carefully See more of our funny signs featuring Engrish phrases

Cautionary Sign -  No Footway

No Footway - Funny Sign It never rains, but it pours.

Close Gate - But Why? There Again,  Please Don't Sit on the Fence!

Please close gate - Why?Sitting on the fence

Cautionary Tale?  Toilet For the Desperate

Toilet for the desperate

Not So Funny Caution NoticesHard Hat's required - Funny Warning Signs

All give and no take. As nurses in a National Blood Service van were taking blood from volunteer blood donors, so a jobsworth was issuing a parking.  The parking attendant informed the amazed driver that he did not have permission to be in a parking bay.  One anonymous donors said he had been giving blood in the same spot for 4 years without trouble. Zero public spirit. Yellow Line Fever. Mike Fox of Salisbury Road, West Ealing, London, kindly agreed that contractors could move his car so that they could paint yellow lines.  A waiting traffic warden pounced and issued a parking ticket in the spot where the contractors had parked Mike's car. One morning Michael Dickinson of Hendon, parked his car perfectly legally.  The road had never had any parking restrictions.  However, when he returned in the afternoon, he could see that a yellow line had been painted up to his car, and furthermore a warden had slapped a parking ticket on his windscreen.  Zero sense of natural justice. See more funny parking yellow line stories.

Re-located to AprilRelocate end of April

The picture to the left certainly provokes more questions than it answers. Could it be a matter of the tense of the verb  Should it be, 'We WILL re-locate at the end of April'?  Alternatively is April a person?  Logically, April would be an address, but there was no April avenue, street, or even an April road in this town.  Mysterious.

Caution - No Brainer?

Funny Warning Sign - Caution this machine has no brain Often it's the ludicrousness of these notices that makes them so funny

Beware of Road SurprisesInvisibility

Beware of road surprises

A Sign of Things to Come?

Earth Day Jokes Footnote: Please send us your funny caution signs.

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