Crazy Cats

Humour is a fickle animal.  Will, and I have chosen examples of humour simply because they amuse us.
Today we have a much richer selection of medium for comedy than our grandparents.  That said, the slapstick humour has stood the test of time.

On this page Will and Guy have funny pictures of cats
combined by clever animation to produce entertainment.  We love the numerous antics show on
these funny cat video clips.

funny cat video


Another Funny Cat Clip

Crazy cat swinging from the chandelier.  The video is even funnier than the still pictures.

Funny Cat Video clip

What happens next?  Check out the video

Funny Cat Video Clip

Funny Cat Video Clip

Check out our funny cat video clip and see what happened.  You will be amazed at the cat's antics.

Amazing Video of Cat Tricks

See another Funny Cat Video Clip

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