Here are interesting pictures of our feline friends.


Cats Get the Cream

funny picture - cat gets the cream

A rare example of a picture that is better in black
and white than colour.  My guess is that the photo is American; nevertheless, it takes me back milking
by in England during the 1950s.

Curious Cat

Tigger Cat by Jodie Black

The more I look at this picture of Tigger the cat, the more I appreciate its beauty.
Photographed by Jodie Black

Sleepy Cat

cartoon sleepy cat

Big Cat

Lion Kiss

This is one of those cat pictures where we didn’t know if it’s a setup, or just
brilliant opportunism by the cameraman…. Until Elvan wrote in saying:

‘The picture is not a set-up, because a couple of years ago this love
scene was all over television.  If I remember correctly it was at a zoo
in South America and the woman was the caregiver of the lion.’

Funniest Cat Picture We Have Seen for a While

Cat Kit

Fat CatFat Cats

Italian cat grows to be enormous; it just is not funny say Will and Guy.

Living in Eupilio, Italy might not be good for your cat’s health if you allow
it to eat as it pleases. We have tracked down this 2 and a half stone feline
named Orazio, who apparently has an enormous appetite He is pictured here with
his owner M/s Laura Santarelli who is barely able to pick him up.

British and American fat cats are on the increase: we have learned and this
has led to an increase in obesity in the feline population. If your cat is the
correct weight then you should be able to feel his/her ribs easily, with a
slight fat covering. When looking from above you should be able to see a waist.
Overweight cats are more likely to suffer from: arthritis, diabetes, heart
disease, pancreatitis and many more diseases. On average an overweight cat will
probably have a shorter lifespan.

Soon to Be a Fat Cat

Cat Posing
Lion Kiss

Cat Called ‘Jack’

Cat called Jack

Let us prey for a happy ending for the cat called ‘Jack’.  Will and Guy think he as about to use up one
of his 7 lives.

Peek-a-Boo Cat

Peek-a-boo Cat

Not a Happy Cat

Wet Cat

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