Here are our free, funny car
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Funny Pictures of Car AccidentsFunny car pictures - Car on a pole

Wish I Hadn’t Parked There

I wish I hadn't parked there - Car sandwitch

‘Today you can go to a gas station and find the cash register open and the toilets locked.  They must think toilet paper is worth more than money.’
Joey Bishop

Funny Car Accident

Funny car accident. Black humour
Funny car accident. Black humour

Thank you for driving carefully through the village.

Car Broken Down?  Call For Help?

Phone for help

Hilarious Tale of a Woman Driver: With a Happy EndingFunny Car Picture

A woman driver ended up parking her car in the roof of this Italian house after she forgot to put on the handbrake.  Maria Rizzo, 34, stopped to admire the spectacular view from the street above the house in Alassio, on the Gulf of Genoa in northern Italy.

Will and Guy heard that she was so intent on taking a photograph that she forgot to put on the handbrake, and her car rolled away, smashing through a barrier and plunging down the hill onto the house below.

The Fiat Panda crashed through the roof and landed in the bathroom, with the front end wedged in an iron bath which broke the fall and stopped the red car plunging further into the house.

A police spokesman remarked to us, ‘Luckily no one was home at the time, so nobody was hurt, but the owner of the property did have a surprise when they arrived home.’

No doubt we say.    Picture: CEN

Another Titanic Goes Down

Funny car pictures

Car Price?

Car half price

Half a car, half price.  Has to be a bargain.

Car Joke

Richie was in the boozer one night telling the regulars how his mate Fossie
tried to build himself a special car.

Firstly, Fossie took wheels from a Jaguar, a radiator from a Rolls Royce, an
engine from a Porche…………’

‘Blimey,’ exclaimed Eddie interrupting, ‘that’s skilful stuff.  What did Fossie end up with?’

Richie replied calmly, ‘Three years inside.’


Car drowns in puddle

How on earth did the car drown in the puddle?  Hmm… looks fishy to us.

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Car Needs a New Fan?

I once had a car which needed a new fan belt.  However, mine was
nothing like this:

Car Fan

Beware – New Way of Enforcing the Speed Limit.

Another Car Joke Picture.  Is It For Real or Faked

Is This Dr Who Materializing From a Phone Box In the Cycle Lane?

A triumph for planning a cycle route - phone a friend?

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