Funny But Strange Signs

Our greatest hope is that these signs will inspire you to look out for strange signs in your neighbourhood, or on your travels.

Truck Abut Dexter - Strange Sign

Strange Funny Sign - Truck Abut Dexter Well, they got the word 'Truck' right, but what does 'Abut Dexter' mean?  Guy consulted our in-house Latin expert, who pointed out that Dexter means 'on the right hand' in Latin.  In practice this meant that Guy bought an Italian teacher a drink in the pub, in return the teacher gave him a translation of Dexter.  Incidentally, Guy had to endure a lecture on the true meaning of 'Sinister' - on the left hand. 'Abut' had us stumped, but fortunately the bar-maid chipped in that that Abut obviously means 'about'.  Thus at great expense, Will and Guy can tell you that 'Truck Abut Dexter' means, 'Only trucks can be about in the right hand lane'.

Museum Rules - Daft Sign

Museum Rules - Daft sign Please strictly abide by our rules, and welcome to our museum!

Parking for Icelanders?

Parking for Icelanders Will and Guy wonder, how do you spot an Icelander?

Re-located to April

Relocate end of April The above picture certainly provokes more questions than it answers.  Could it be a matter of the tense of the verb  Should it be, 'We WILL re-locate at the end of April'?  Alternatively is April a person?  Logically, April would be an address, but there was no April avenue, street, or even an April road in this town.  Mysterious.

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Contents of Strange Funny Signs

Strange and funny signs
  • Now that is really helpful
  • Don't sit on..............what?
  • Where on earth would one find a lightening bolt?
  • Don't drop litter
  • Rather a long winded way of requesting that you do not drop your litter. Sign found in France
  • Lose a finger?  In that case I will not feed him Mind your head
  • At first this doesn't appear funny, but, when travelling up the escalator you are distracted by the sign and........................bump your head.
  • Which way now?
  • Take no notice of this sign Why is this sign there at all?
  • No parking or at least, limited parking Think I'll park elsewhere. Most unfair Be warned
  • How do they do that?
  • Pay attention now
  • Makes sense really
  • Mental Health Sign
  • Fishing I love clarity in a sign
  • Speed Limit 25mph Today I will drive slowly
  • Truck Abut Dexter What does this mean?
  • Museum Rules - You will be tested on this during your visit
  • Rather a lot to take in
  • Modern Technology
  • Relocation sign in shop window  -But where have you gone?

Caution - No Brainer?

Funny Warning Sign - Caution this machine has no brain See more funny warning signs.

Funny Drunk Sign

Warning Drunks Ahead

No Dogs Allowed

No Dogs Allowed

Danger Deep Excavations!

Excavation - Graveyard Above picture kindly snapped and sent in by Peter Dane.  A combination of two adjacent signs photographed in July 2010 on the roundabout at the junction of Waterfall Road, Hampden Way/Morton Road London N14.

Strange Road Sign:  Push Button For.....?

funny road signs This is a truly perplexing road sign: 'Push Button For'.  What would you get if I pressed that blue button? (Picture Right)

Beware Moose Crossing!

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