Funny Picture Bird Flu Cure for Avian Flu

  1. Bird Flu - Latest cure for bird-flu
  2. If you don't take your Lemsip
  3. Bird Flu - Update
  4. Madame Claude Poulet
  5. Bird Flu - Or Mad Cow Disease?
  6. One Lump - or Two?

1) Bird Flu - Latest cure for bird-flu

Scientist have discovered a cure for bird-flu - We have pictures. Funny Pictures. Bird lemsip cure for Avian bird-flu For your Birds Lemsip, Send your $20 folding money only to: Joseph Cosey Room 317 ZIP Code, 94974 San Quentin  CA

2) If You Don't Take Your Lemsip

Bird flu humour. Will and Guy's jokes

3) Bird Flu - Update

Here is the latest protective measures - Birds get scarves and hats. bird flu - latest protection

3a) Funny Swine Flu Pictures

Funny Pictures. Swine Flu - Pigs unite See more funny swine flu jokes

4) Madame Claude Poulet

The state nurse who is responsible for disseminating all key government information to schools in the Grenoble area of France, in the event of a bird-flu pandemic, is named Madame Claude Poulet.  From Jon Henley's diary column in The Guardian. Footnote In French Poulet means chicken.  For example, Grilled chicken with mustard - is Poulet Grillé en Crapaudine

5) Bird Flu - Or Mad Cow Disease?

Bird flu - or mad cow disease?

6) One Lump - or Two?

Dennis, a carpet fitter, had just finished laying a carpet for Mrs Branch. He popped outside out for a smoke, only to realise that he had mislaid his cigarettes. He retraced his steps and saw in the middle of the room, under the carpet, what appeared to be a small lump. 'No sense in taking up the entire carpet for one pack of cigs,' Dennis muttered to himself. So he took get out his hammer and flattened the hump with a couple of sharp blows. Dennis began tidying up when Mrs Branch came into the room and handed him his cigarettes. 'I found them in the hallway.' she said, 'Now,' she continued, looking around the room imploringly, 'if only I could find the canary.' Footnote: If you like the One Lump or Two, see Guy's gassed budgie story.

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