Funny Pictures of Bikers

Are these Bikers for Real?  Or are they posers?

My question is, are these real pictures of mountain bikers, or are they fakes?

Mountain bikers

Here below are the cyclists again, but in the distance.  I have walked along cliffs like these, and it's unlikely that you would get a continuous path that you could walk, let alone cycle.

Mountain bikers

This picture raises my suspicions.  The lighting is curious, also that back wheel looks as though it would slide off into the sea.  One other point, why are cyclist's anoraks so clean?

Mountain bikers

I don't know about the cyclist, but the picture below pushes me over the top.  I am not a believer.  Surely this picture is either faked or at worst, posed?

Hero or zero?

If I have done these intrepid bikers a disservice then do let me know.  But for now, I stick by my assertion that the pictures are a put-up job.

Another Funny Mountain Biker

Funny Mountain Bike

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