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Funny Beer Picture - Grolsch Disaster

There have been some terrible road accidents, but this beer disaster must be one of the most exasperating.

Picture of a grolsch beer Disaster - Funny Beer Picture

Wait a minute in this funny beer pic can I see some intact bottles of Grolsch beer in the second crate from the front?  Does
anyone have a 10-20 on this Big-R?

Another Ugley Beer Accident

Isn't it funny how history repeats itself?  In February 2009, over
three hundred aluminium beer kegs fell of a lorry, the resulting mayhem
caused the police to close the M11 motorway.

While it is true that the accident happened just outside the village of
Ugley in Essex, England, the rumour that beer was lapped-up in half an hour
by a passing bus load of Irish rugby fans, is not true.  It took them 4

Classic Funny Beer Pictures - Wish
You Were Here!

Funny Beer Picture

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Beer and Booze Jokes

An Australian touring rugby team was being driven through Dublin in a bus.  The driver was giving a running commentary as they went. 'We are just passing the biggest pub in Dublin',
said the driver.

'Why?'  A voice piped up from the back of the bus.

Guy's Chandelier

A Wife Sends Her Husband to a Grocery Store:

"And don't forget to buy the milk, do you hear me?!"
"I hear you..."

"And take the low fat one, don't mix up!"
"Take it easy, I won't..."

"And don't buy wine instead, like you did the last time, do you
"Of course I remember..."

"And no beer, like the time before that, understand?!"
"I do, I

"Well, go then!"

... Ten minutes later in the grocery store:

"What did she tell me to buy -
was it wine or beer? Oh, well, I'll better take both, just in case."

Funny Beer Chandelier

Will's Chandelier

Funny Beer Chandelier

Drives Rest to Bottle Bank

Will drives to bottle bank

Guy is in there somewhere!

Out With the Glass Bottles - In
With the Can of LargerWhat Every Office Needs

In with beer can

But..... Don't Drink and Drive

Don't Drink and Drive

Runaway Beer
Runaway Beer

Gained or Paradise Lost?

A number of runaway barrels caused mayhem after a brewery dray dropped its load in a quiet Somerset village.  About 100 metal kegs, barrels and
bottles rolled into gardens in Pecking Mill, near Shepton Mallet, battering flower displays and spraying beer over nearby homes.

The accident is thought to have caused damage worth thousands of pounds, and
left residents in shock. The 14-metre articulated lorry toppled while taking a sharp bend on the A371, a stretch of road known locally as an accident black spot.

Drinking Jokes

  • My wife drives me to drink.  You're lucky, mine makes me walk.
  • A hangover is the wrath of grapes.
  • Is gym the new Après-Ski?
  • I drink to make other people interesting: George Jean Nathan.

Drinking Lesson

Will was trying to teach his young son the evils of alcohol. He put one worm in a glass of water and another worm in a glass of
whisky. The worm in the water lived, while the one in the whisky curled up and died.

'All right, son', asked Will, 'what does that show you?'

'Well, Dad, it shows that if you drink alcohol, you will not have

Start Drinking Young -
Funny Beer Pics

Start Drinking Young

Son Soon Learns the Taste for

Get taste for beer

Funny Beer Pictures - 4 Stages of a
Drinker's Life

Stages of drinking

Did You Know?

In the middle ages in the UK, "nunchion" was the word for liquid lunches.
It is probable that it originated from a combination of the words "noon
scheken", or noon drinking. In those days, a large chunk of bread was called
lunch. So if you ate bread with your nunchion, [nuncheon] you had what we
still today call a luncheon.

Solar Beer PowerA Chinese farmer has made his own solar-powered water heater out of beer bottles and hosepipes.

A Chinese farmer has made his own solar-powered water heater out of beer bottles and hosepipes.

'I invented this for my mother. I wanted her to shower comfortably,' says Ma Yanjun, of Qiqiao village,
Shaanxi province. Ma's invention features 66
beer bottles attached to a board. The bottles are connected to each other so that water flows through them.

Sunlight heats the water as is passes slowly
through the bottles before flowing into the bathroom as hot water, reports China Economy Network. Ma says it provides enough hot water for all three members of his family to have a shower every day. More than
10 families in the village have already followed suit and installed their own versions of Ma's invention.

Beer - So much more than a breakfast drink

Beer - So much more than a breakfast drink

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