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 Funny picture of giraffe

We have a wide variety of funny animal stories, furthermore, these mammalian tales are interspersed with funny pictures and information that Will and Guy find interesting. More Funny Animal Pictures and Videos
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Dormouse SpeakOrange Mouse

Mrs Dormouse was stealing food from the kitchen with her children, when Slats, the cat pounced. Encouraging her children to run, Mrs Dormouse shepherded them towards the mouse hole but it was obvious she wasn't going to make it. In desperation, she turned to face Slats the cat and shouted 'Bark, Bark' extremely loudly. Slats the cat skidded to a halt, turned and ran away. Mrs Dormouse turned to her children and said, 'You see how important it is to learn a foreign language.'
What has 12 legs, 6 eyes, 3 tails but still cannot see? 3 Blind mice.

Clever Pooch Purchases His Own Sausages Dog buys sausages

A dog owner in China says his pet is smart enough to buy himself sausages when he's hungry. Wu Qianhe, of Chengdu City, in China, says his pooch, Lele, barks to let him know he's feeling hungry. 'I'll drop him one yuan, and he takes the money in his mouth and runs to the neighbouring shops, which all know him well,' reports Qianhe. Lele will not release the money until he's been given the sausage, Will and Guy have established.  Another amazing animal story to come from China.

Writing In Chinese Is Easy Says Sea LionCockatoo and Eggs

Zoo keepers have reportedly trained a sea lion to write in Chinese. Staff at the Ningbo Zoo, in Gao Qian Village in Dong Qian Lake Resort area ,China, spent three months teaching the sea lion, called Peter, reports The People's Daily. Cockatoo and Eggs Now Peter can write the Chinese character representing a "bull" and he can also sign his work with his own "sea lion" seal. After completing his writing, Peter, a six-year-old male, holds the seal and stamps it on the paper as a signature, Will and Guy have established. The zoo has informed us that Peter will demonstrate his writing skills for tourists during the Spring Festival at the zoo.

Fabulous and Amazing Story of Monica Meerkat Cockatoo and Eggs

Jackie Morgan, a nurse from Mynydd Isa, near Mold, north Wales looked out at her garden and spotted a meerkat Strange you may well think since the meerkat is found exclusively on the semiarid plains of southern Africa. However, Will and Guy can vouch for the veracity of this story Jackie Morgan says the African animal looked 'rather sorry for itself, standing upright and shivering in the morning frost.' So she, and husband Keith, 'phoned animal rescue centres, a vet, the Welsh Mountain Zoo and Chester Zoo, but naturally no one believed them and most thought it a hoax and suggested it was probably a ferret Mrs Morgan set about catching the meerkat which she, by then, had named Monica. 'We put some nuts out for it so it came in and we captured it in a box and took some photos of it to send to the doubting authorities; they all phoned back saying it was definitely a meerkat.' She added, 'We've had it sitting on our laps and it followed me around everywhere - I think it thinks I'm it's mum.' Chester Zoo came to Monica Meerkat's and Jackie's rescue when it collected the animal before returning her to her rightful owner

"Park The Dog" - An Amusing Tale

Kerry pulled into a crowded parking lot and rolled down the car windows to make sure her Irish setter had sufficient fresh air when she went shopping. The dog was stretched out on the back seat, and Kerry wanted to impress upon him that he must remain there. She walked to the curb backwards, pointing her finger at the car and saying emphatically, 'Now you stay. Do you hear me? Stay,' in a very firm voice. The driver of a nearby car gave Kerry a startled look. 'I don't know about you, lady,' he said incredulously. 'But I usually just put my car in park.'

Cat and Tortoise

Cat and Tortoise What did you say? Please give me a ride? See more about the story of the cat and tortoise.

Another Tortoise with a Baby Hippo

Hippo and Tortoise Read the story of Mzee (tortoise) and Owen (hippo)
Where do you find a hippo? Depends where you left him.

Elephants Have a Snack

Naughty elephants snack

Rabbit Hunting!

Fox Hunting Rabbits

Killer Whale or Orca

Spectacular Whale These whales feed on fish but also otters and seals.

Panda with Cub

Picture of Panda Pandas have one of the biggest contrasts between tiny baby and adult.  They gain their full size at about 4yrs old and become reproductively mature at age 6 and live for about 25 years.

Monkey Befriends Pigeon

Monkey given the bird

Goodbye from Guy

Dog and Donkey Playing

Cheerio from Will

Seal has the last laugh We hope that you enjoy the rest of our funny animal pictures

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