Pictures of Funny Animal Road Signs


Funny Animal Road Signs

Here is Will and Guy's collection of amusing road-side notices featuring
a variety of animals from all over the world, for example, 'Elephant
Crossing, see picture to the right.

Funny Animal Road Signs


Unusual Camel Speed Bump Sign

Animal road sign

'When you come to a fork in the road, take it.'
- Yogi Berra

Limit: Children and Warthogs Have Right of Way

Speed Limit Warthogs
Funny baboons

Diesel Fried Chicken

Funny road signs Diesel Fried Chicken

No doubt they also serve road-kill!

Beware Moose Crossing Danger Cow Falling

Beware: Several Stupid Dogs

Stupid dogs

We know where to find more stupid dogs

Kangaroo Reproduction Area?

Beware Kangaroos Mating

Is this funny animal road sign genuine, or it a fake?  We cannot see
the join in the picture, but there are some photoshop artists out there;
what do think?

Classic Animal Road Sign:
Ducks Crossing

Ducks Crossing
  • See more ducks here

Daft Animal Road Sign: Bat Cave

Bat Cave

Funny, But Not Exactly a Road Sign - Unless That's a Frozen Highway

Penguins - no diving notice

No Feeding - Beaver Eats Sign!Funny Christmas Cartoons

No feeding - Animal eats the sign

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Please send us your funny animal road signs.

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