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Giraffe Playing Hide-and-seek

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Many of our pages also have jokes, interesting pictures and funny stories associated with animals.  Cats and dogs are our most popular animal pages, and we have a collection of bird pictures for example funny parrots

Here on these pages is our growing collection of animals in funny poses.  We hope that you will find a picture of your favourite animal which make you laugh.  As they say, no animals were harmed in taking these pictures.

Quiet fishing?
Q. What is the difference between a hunter and a fisherman?
A. A hunter lies in wait and a fisherman waits and lies....(v2r)

Swan blocks road
A swan caused traffic chaos when it decided to sit in the middle of a busy road. The bird refused to move for drivers in Coventry, UK, reports the Daily Mirror.

Police who attempted to move the bird were chased away with an angry peck. An onlooker said, 'It was hilarious. It refused to budge.'

The bird finally flew off after a few hours.

No Pets Allowed - All Pets must be on a leash?

No Pets Allowed - All pets must be on a leash

Animal Friends

Animal Friends
Animal Friends

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Cat Raven

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