Free video downloads of funny video clips

This page is a sitemap for our collection of clean, yet funny video clips.  You should be able to view the funny videos online, as they have been optimised for 95% of today's browsers.  If the
videos don't work after you press the Click on the arrow play button then check if you need a QuickTime plug-in for your browser.  Incidentally, the Click on the arrow play button works first time for Will, but Guy has to press it
twice to get any video action.Video clip running machine



Funny Video Clips - Our favourites

  • Funny Running Machine Video
    One of the funniest video clips that we have seen.
  • Sisterly Love.  Simply the most touching video clip that we have seen.fantastic machine
  • Fantastic Machine - Incredible musical instrument
  • Horses playing snowballs
    After the funny sequences of the other videos, this is gentle amusing
    free video clip.  One to fire the imagination.
  • Free Download of
    Crazy RestaurantCrazy Video Clip
    See this flash video of a meal with a difference.  There is even a sound commentary.

Animal Video Clips

Cat videos and dog videos dominate this section.  It is truly amazing what animals are capable of, we applaud the people who had the
presence of mind to shoot the video clips of the amazing action.

  • Bird on a Wire
  • Cat and Dog Feeding - Who wins?  See the Video Clip
  • Cats - Funny Cat VideoFunny cat video
    A must for cat lovers, or for those who have never seen cat acrobatics and antics.
  • Cats - Lots of Cats Caught on Video
  • Cat and Dog Catch Robbers
  • Cat - Problem or Solution?
  • Cockatoo - Snowball the head-banger
  • Dog with 4th July Rockets
  • Dog Skateboarding - How do you train the mutt?
  • Dog - World's Smartest
  • Duck -
    Funy Vidio
  • Elephant Escapes
  • Fishing Tales - A one man disaster area
  • Lassie - Star Defender
  • Otter Video
  • Panda with cub
  • Rabbit v Snake - Who is chasing who?
  • Save the Gazelle
  • Squirrel Assault Course
  • Squirrel on Guard
  • Squirrel Steals Chocolate

Sports Video Clip

Most of these are football video clips, however, the 'Olympic' is probably the most
painful to watch.

  • Bad Defending
  • Beckham Moves to AmericaFunny Sports Video Clip
  • Budweiser Stadium - Impressive sight
  • Cyclist - Winner and Loser
  • Funny Football Video - Strange Refs
  • Olympics - Funny Video Clips
  • Soccer Streaker
  • Springboard - Accident or fake?
  • Streaker - Another Football Streaker

Car Video Clips

With the advent of close circuit T.V.  Will and Guy suspect
that this car section will grow as more and more funny incidents get recorded on film.

  • Car Crash in Tunnel - Car video nasty
  • Car Crash Videos- 3 Incredible Near Misses
  • Car Drivers and Bollard - People Get What They Deserve
  • Car - Give Me A Car Like This!
  • Car Wheelie
  • Flipping Car
  • Helicopter Crash VideoHow to jump start your car
  • How to Clean Your Car of Snow
  • How to Jump Start Your Car
  • Miracle Tyre
  • Parking - How to get into a tight space
  • Spiderman Car
  • Windscreen Washer
  • Who Drives The Car?

Computer Video Clips

A selection of free video clips showing mishaps in and around computers.

  • Bad day at the office
  • Bad Day at the Printer
  • Computer coffee cup

General Video Clips

If you have the time it's worth looking at these video clips just to appreciate the
variety of material which has been recorded.  Our greatest wish is that they will inspire you to go out and create your own films.

  • Accident Video clips
  • Amazing Horn Player - Literally, all bells and whistles.Video clip beer steal
  • Bad Luck - Double Dose
  • Beer - Who Steals My Beer?
  • Beer - Effects
  • Einstein the Amazing Budgie
  • Flying - Jumping off springboards
  • Ghost Optical Illusion
  • Homer Simpson Video Clip
  • Grandma Flying - Unexpected twistPlay piano with tennis balls
  • How to Tow a Boat - Funny Video Clip
  • Lightning (forked)
  • Mime Dancers -
    Amazing shapes
  • Monday v Friday - Free Video Clip
  • Office
    Disasters - Elastic Band
  • Passport Control - As usual, a twist in the tail
  • Perfect Woman - Take her anywhere
  • Plane
  • Pool - Trick
    shots with dominoes
  • Psychedelic Bug
  • Roofing Video Clip - Is the high life for you?
  • Romantic
  • Play the Piano with tennis balls
    - Amazing example of showmanship.Right Christmas Present?
  • Right Present?  - Can men get the right gift?
  • Saddest Video Clip
  • Scottish Wife - Painting Accident
  • Selection of Video Clips - Penguin Trip
  • Shooting Self - Beware the AR-50 Rifle
  • St Patrick's Day - Have a Guinness
  • Subtitles - Unexpected
  • Thanksgiving Video Turkey
  • Train Market Bangkok - What Entrepreneurs
  • Victor Borge - Funny Pianist
  • Yorkshire Airlines