World Cup football stories and jokes – 2002 Korea



Final: Brazil 2 : 0 Germany

Strange but True

Although Brazil and Germany are the two most successful World Cup teams, this was he first time that they had ever met in the World Cup finals.

Home Team Refs
Korea, the home team, had the
rub of the green in their win against Italy and possibly in their follow up victory over Spain.  Conspiracy theories abound concerning the referee, but it was probably no more than the home team ref
syndrome which has been around since the dawn of football.  Referees, always favour the home side.

Strange New Food
A Manchester cinema, for the World Cup Finals 2002, offered
sushi-flavoured popcorn for England's

The Great Escape
While the Brazil football team were in Ulsan, Korea playing their first World Cup game against Turkey; in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 18
prisoners were escaping through a tunnel.  What happened was a group of the prisoners'
friends distracted the jailors with gunfire.  The amigos opened up with small arms fire from outside the
Provisional Detention Center in Osasco, the guards came out to see what was going on, meanwhile the prisoners legged it down their tunnel.

One guard said, 'It was O.K. - no real damage was done, once we
dispersed the gun firing amigos, we got back to the T.V. and saw the second half.  We were just in time to see Ronaldo equalize, then it was fantastic when Rivaldo scored the winner.'

Taking Time Off to Watch a Match

Jung had taken the afternoon off to attend his uncle's
funeral. His boss, a keen football fan, went the same afternoon to watch a match between
Korea and Italy, and he saw Jung in the

'So this is your uncle's
funeral, is it?'
he asked sarcastically.

'I shouldn't
be at all surprised, 'replied the lad, 'He's
the referee.'

Key men

Ronaldo (Brazil)
10 Goals

Classic Games

USA 3 : 2 Portugal

Brazil 2 : 1 England

Average goals per game 2.7


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