World Cup football stories and jokes – 1994 USA



Final: Brazil 0 : 0 Italy (Brazil won 3 : 2 on penalties)

Shocking but True

Andres Escobar of Colombia was murdered on his return home.  Unfortunately, Escobar had scored an own goal in a surprise defeat by the hosts USA.

Diego Maradona was banned for drug taking.  It's such a shame that so many footballers self destruct and don't know when to hang up their boots.

A Game of Two Halves?

I wonder if this picture was taken in America?  My thinking is that in England we call the game football, whereas football in America would mean the grid iron game.

Will and Guy's Humour - Soccer or Archery

American Neurosis

'I just don't understand it, 'a footballer in the USA team complained.

'One match I play very well, then the next match I'm terrible. '

'Well, 'said his wife, `why don't you just play every other

New Innovations

3 points for a win replaces the old system of 2 points for a win.

Classic Games

Brazil 3 : 2 Holland

Romania 3 : 2 Argentina

Average goals per game 2.7

Key Players

Romário (Brazil)

Hristo Stoitchkov (Bulgaria)

Roger Milla proved a Golden Oldie scoring at age 42, a record
that I will never see beaten.


Fair play, the United States of
America know how to organize and event.  Despite having no great Soccer pedigree attendances were the highest ever.  The popularity was due to people supporting their country of origin.

Jack Charlton, the Republic of Ireland qualified from their group before Holland knocked them out.

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