World Cup football stories and jokes – 1990 Italy

Final: West Germany 1 : 0 Argentina

Strange but True

The same two teams met in the final as 4 years earlier.

The Republic of Ireland did well at World Cup 1990

Three football codes prevail in Ireland: Rugby: which is defined as a thugs' game played by gentlemen; Soccer: a gentleman's game played by thugs; Gaelic football: a thugs' game played by thugs.


In the final, one team came to play football, the other team came to stop them playing football, fortunately right triumphed, West Germany won and Argentina not only lost but also had two players sent off.Paul Gascoigne

Key Players

Goal Keeping Record

Paul Gascoigne famously cried when he was booked and thus became ineligible for the next game.  As it happens, it was the third place game and not the final as England lost on penalties to Germany. Walter Zenga, the goalkeeper of Italy, holds the record for the longest unbeaten run in World Cup history. He played 517 minutes (almost 6 games) without letting in a goal in the 1990 tournament. Claudio Caniggia of Argentina ended his run in the semi-final which Italy lost on penalties 3-4 after a 1-1 draw. Salvatore ' Toto' Schillaci (Italy) 6 Goals - Those eyes!

Classic Match

West Germany 1 : 1 England (AET) 4-3 Penalties. Average goals per game 2.1 (Lowest to date) A variety of good, clean and free football (soccer) jokes.  Funny sportsman's nicknames.  Amusing short stories.  Anecdotes and tales about football.  Will and Guy hope that you share our joy of sporting funnies.

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