World Cup football stories and jokes – 1982 Spain

Final: Italy 3 : 1 West Germany

Strange but True

France were easing past Kuwait 3 -1, when Giresse scored another goal.  However the Kuwaiti's had stopped playing because they heard a whistle in the crowd.  As the ref knew that he had not blown his whistle, he gave the goal, where upon Prince Fahed of Kuwait rushed down from the stands and persuaded the ref of the injustice.  The ref changed his mind and disallowed the goal - a dangerous precedent.

Goal Glut

The biggest victory in the World Cup finals was in 1982 when Hungary beat El Salvador 10-1 at the Nuevo Estadio, Elche, Spain. Laszlo Kiss was brought on as a substitute and hence became the first man to score a hat-trick in the world cup as a substitute. Hungary were already winning 5-1 when he came on; imagine the dismay on the faces of the El Salvador players as he popped in 3 more.

Classic Matches

Italy 3 : 2 Brazil West Germany 3 : 3 Italy (5-4 on Penalties).  Notorious incident when Schumacher cynically fouled the attacking French player Battiston.  After that neutrals were happy that Italy beat Germany in the final. Northern Ireland 1 : 0 Spain West Germany 2 : 1 Holland - Infamous spitting by Frank Rijkaard Average goals per game 2.8

Key Players

Paulo Rossi (Italy) 6 Goals Will Reports Having suffered from loss of form and having served a two-year suspension Paolo Rossi fought his way back in to the Italy team and had a brilliant final three games in the 1982 World Cup. Not having scored in the early rounds it appeared that Rossi's last chance would be against Brazil in phase 2 of the tournament. Brazil need only to draw to enter the semi-finals. In a remarkable and memorable game Paolo Rossi scored an amazing hat-trick in a 3-2 Italy win. In this rich vein of form he scored two in the semi-final to defeat Poland 2-0 and in the final against Germany he netted the first goal in a 3-1 win over West Germany. His rehabilitation was complete. When I remember that tournament I can picture Rossi's 3 goals against Brazil as if it were yesterday; it brings back the excitement of the whole match.


New Innovations

Penalty shoot outs introduced. Finals increased from 16 to 24 teams A variety of good, clean and free football (soccer) jokes.  Funny sportsman's nicknames.  Amusing short stories.  Anecdotes and tales about football.  Will and Guy hope that you share our joy of sporting funnies.

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