World Cup football stories and jokes – 1978 Argentina



Final: Argentina 3 : 1 Holland

Urban Myth

At the last count
there are 137 Scots supporters who still have not returned from the 1978 World Cup event in Argentina.  Scottish supporters were delirious at qualifying for the Argentinean tournament, especially when
England failed.  Then Scotland beat Holland, some supporters were so happy that they never got around to returning home.

Strange but True

Bizarre ref's
decision - What would you have done?

Welsh referee Clive Thomas disallowed a goal in the 1978 World Cup finals. It was 1-1 in the game between Sweden and Brazil and a corner was awarded to Brazil as the game went into injury time.

corner was taken and Zico bulleted the ball into the net with his head as Clive Thomas blew the final whistle.

The goal did not stand.

Classic Games

Argentina 6: 0 Peru   Did Peru throw the game?  Argentina had to win by
4 goals to progress to the final.

Average goals per game 2.7

Key Players

Mario Kempes (Argentina) 6 Goals.  Johan Cruyff refuses to play.  After their win with
Argentina, Ossie Ardilles and Ricki Villa join Spurs and thus ignite the trend for foreign players to join English clubs.


The ticker tape reception of the Argentinian crowd.  As a result the pitch was often littered with silver confetti.

Winger Willie Johnstone was sent home for blowing
his own trumpet.  Drug taking amongst sportsmen had not caught the public's
eye until this cause celebre.

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