Final: England 4 : 2 Germany

Strange but True

Wolstenholme really did say: ‘Some people are on the pitch, they think it’s
all over…it is now’.

Geoff Hurst’s
goal that went over the line.  How do we know, because the linesman said so
and referee agreed with him.

A ‘
, who was never identified, stole the Jules
Rimet trophy.  He then realized the folly of trying to sell the famous World Cup trophy and threw it away.  Bizarrely it was discovered by a dog called Pickles, who then achieved cult hero status.

New InnovationsWorld Cup 1966 Strange but true mascot

Official mascots were introduced
into the World Cup for the first time.  For inexplicable reasons, England were allowed to call the official 1966 World Cup Willie.  In retrospect, this seems like a gaff and many of us thought it an odd choice at the time.

Classic Games

North Korea 1 : 0 Italy.  A huge shock, Italy slink off home in disgrace.

Average goals per game 2.8

Key Players

Even though Geoff Hurst scored his famous hat
trick, the England manager Alf Ramsey was the genius behind the victory.  That said, I still wonder what would have happened if he had selected Jimmy Greaves instead of Geoff Hurst.

Eusébio was the 7th World Cup’s leading goal scorer
with 9 goals.  Nevertheless, England’s ‘
Stiles marked him out of
the game in the Semi final match against Portugal.

Gordon Banks took over the mantle of the World’s
best Goal Keeper from Lev Yashin.


My mate Tiger Howells cleaned up by betting that England would win.

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