World Cup football stories and jokes for 1958 Sweden


Final: Brazil 5 : 2 Sweden (Pelé's
stars in the

It will never happen again

1958 was the only time that England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland were all represented in the World Cup finals.  I firmly believe that four teams from the United Kingdom reaching the World Cup Finals,
will never happen again in my life time.

Incidentally, Wales were the first team that Pelé scored against in the World Cup.  Moreover, if the mercurial
John Charles had not been injured, many believe that Wales would have won that World Cup match.

Strange but True

Ireland were due to play Italy in a qualifier, however the referee was fog bound in
London, yet the match went ahead as a friendly.


Classic Games

Brazil 5 : 2 France

Average goals per game 5.4 (All time high)

Key Players

Just Fontaine scored 13 goals in
one World Cup Final competition, a record that I believe
will never been beaten.  (Gerd Mueller holds the absolute record at 14 goals but that was over two World Cup Finals.)

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