Final: Germany 3 : 2 Hungary

Strange but True

Hungary thrashed Germany 8 : 3 in the first round, yet lost to the same country (Germany) in the final.

It can never happen again

Spain were eliminated by drawing lots.  Turkey went through after
their games with Spain finished all square.  It could never happen again because of the penalty shoot out rule.

Classic Games

Germany 3 : 2 Hungary (Battle of Bern)

Hungary 4 : 2

Average goals per game 3.8

Key Players

Fritz Walter (Germany) Captain and inspiration.  Franz Beckenbauer said he was most influential player.
Sándor Kocsis (Hungary) 11 Goals
Ferenc Puskas (Hungary)
Helmut Rahn (Germany)


Herbert Zimmermann described the German victory
over Hungary as Das Wunder von Bern or the Miracle in
Bern.  It was a miracle in the sense that in 1954 the Hungarians were thought unbeatable, but also a miracle in that it gave the Germans hope and pride after their defeat by the allies in World War 2.

Brilliant Hungary: 1954 – Will Reports

In the early 1950’s
one of the most brilliant sides ever to grace the beautiful game, Hungary, hit the headlines. Their players became household names: Puskas, Kocsis, Hidegkuti and Czibor. Of these Sandor
Kocsis impressed many people as one of the finest centre forwards the world had ever seen. Known as: ‘The Man With The Golden Head’
, he scored 11 goals in the 1954 World Cup. He had a fabulous partnership with
the Real Madrid legend; Ferenc Puskas and they were part of the team that destroyed England at Wembley 6-3 in 1953. I can recall my father talking about the match in reverential tones.

In 1954, in the first
round, they beat West Germany 8-3 with the great Kocsis netting 4 times. However, they met again in the final and inexplicably Hungary lost 3-2. They will be remembered for their ability to score goals and for
their incredible ball skills.

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