World Cup football stories and jokes – 1934 Italy


Final: Italy 2 : 1 Czechoslovakia (AET) Lucky Italy

Strange but True

Surprisingly, the holders Uruguay were not among the finalists and the petulantly refused an invitation in response to a slight 4 years earlier.

Out of the mouths of babes

Over breakfast one morning, Martin kept staring intently at his granddad.

'Is anything the matter, my boy?'
the old man asked.

'No, Grampy. I was just wondering what position you play in the soccer
team. '

'What are you talking about?'
laughed Grampy loudly, 'I'm far too old to play football. '

'Oh, 'responded Martin, 'It's
just that Dad said that when you kicked off, we'
d be able to afford a new
car. '

New Innovations

3rd Place Final introduced.   Germany 3 : 2 Austria

Classic Game

Italy Beat
Wunderteam Austria  (1-0)

Average goals per game 3.9

Key Players

Guillermo Stábile (Argentina) 8 Goals

Giuseppe Meazza (Italy) So revered he has a stadium named after him in


The second world cup was more organized and more desirable 32 countries entered, 16 qualified for finals, which were held in Italy.

Mussolini gave Hitler ideas for propaganda which Hitler shamelessly developed for the 1936 Olympic games.

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