Video Clip Elephant Escapes – 911 Police Call

Caller: Hi, hum, we've found an elephant walking down the street near the community center. 911: How big are we talking here?

1) Elephant escapes onto the street

Elephant Video Clip - 911 Police Call

2) Police Dispatch: We have a report of an elephant currently walking down Eagle Street

Despatch: We have a report of an elephant walking down Eagle st Police Car: There is one (elephant) travelling north bound on Crossland Gate. Dispatch: 10-4 One elephant is outstanding on Crossland Gate.

3) One Outstanding Elephant

Elephant Escapes

4) Elephant Eats Someone's Tree

Video Clip Elephant Escapes

5) Elephant Escapes Capture

Elephant eats tree Police Car: The outstanding elephant on Crossland Gate is eating someone's tree. Dispatch: 10-4 We suggest that to see precisely what happens you watch the elephant escape video below. N.B. With some browsers you need to click twice on the Play arrow Click on the arrow to start the video. N.B. Help for Mozilla browsers

Video Clip Elephant Escapes - 911 Police Call

Here is a sign that they need in Eagle Street and Crossland Gate

Elephant crossing - Video

More Elephants on the Rampage

The Sri Lankan Daily News has informed Will and Guy that a herd of wild elephants blocked the access road for voters heading to vote in polling booths in Wellaveli, eastern Sri Lanka. Security forces had to employ megaphones to drive away the wild elephants. What happened was villagers in Wellaveli complained that they were could not reach the polling station to vote. The police and army were able to draw away the herd of elephants.  The roads are now clear and the villagers can exercise their vote.

Elephant Checks Into HotelElephant Hotel

It is not every day that guests in a hotel would expect to share the foyer with an elephant, or even a herd of elephants.  However, Will and Guy have learned that in the Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia, it is a common occurrence. The herd, numbering ten, is led to the lodge each day by the matriarch, Wonky Tusk. The hotel was unwittingly built on the route to the herd's favourite mango trees and the elephants have seen no reason to change the path trodden by generations before them. Andy Hogg, 44, director at Mfuwe Lodge, said the herd appears every November as the mangoes ripen, 'This is a totally natural phenomenon, the elephants come here of their own accord and it is certainly a rare but magnificent sight.'
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